Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you everyone!

The summer heat is over here as well Jeg, but the sea will be warm until October so still a lot of swimming with pearls for me:)
​ Your blues are simply amazing!

Lilpearl Lovely so see you and your pearls! So beautiful! I agree with CathyKeshi your earrings are especially enchanting!
It's been a looong week and I've missed seeing everyone's pearly stylings!

jeg The tin cups you made for your friend are lovely! I really like your design/pearl layout in each one. And I love seeing your breath-stealing blue Ts, especially with those adorable tiny blue akoya.

eolian pearls Your leather tahitian necklace was gorgeous before, but now the action shot makes it look even more gorgeous! And your T's from Oceans Rhyme are sooo lustrous

Lilpearl Oh my gosh, those are incredible pearls and look fantastic together, WOW!!! I'm especially drooling over your ring!

Today I'm dressing up my loungewear, haha - SoC keshi necklace with pearls from Druzy and keshi studs from the Cortez Pearl e-shop.


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Welcome back Lilpearl :D
Lovely pearl jewelry! I specially love that large pearl on the pendant...beautiful silvery color and bluish overtones
Oh wow! Beautiful tin cup! Love it! :D
Thank you, Cathy, Charlotta, eolian and SurfnSci!!

So happy to see you back, lilpearl! And decked out in pearls!! Beautiful SS pieces, every one of them!

SurfnSci, I am in love with delicate tin cups. I need to make more for myself.:33: But your’s is very special with the SOC. And those earrings are super cool, too! Love that set!
Colorful Tahitians I knotted with pearls from CMW Pearls and JNB Gems. I took the Pearl pics outside-
Oh the colors!!!! Simply mesmerizing! I could just stare there for hours :07:
Thanks Douglas and Cathy! I’ve been really happy with all the colorful Tahitians I’ve been able to add to my collection this year. Cathy saw both of these strands in person when we did our show and tell in Santa Monica. ;)

I’ve posted these colorful circle pearls a few times recently. They are sitting out, so I have been grabbing them.
And then, the two fancy colored Tahitian strands from Kojima. Bubbles and sister strand of graduated colors. Worn with a bracelet of J. Hunter Fiji pearls I chose while visiting the PP vault.
Jeg your pictures are bursting with colors! Darker ones, lighter ones, have them all and they’re all mega super-lustruous !!! Yes, absolutely, you are having an amazingly colorful pearly year!!!

Lovely tincup and earrings SurfnSci!!! The SoC pearls are really something special!! And thank you for your compliments!

Speaking of colorful I have finally gotten around to knotting the FWP necklace for my sister. Well not completely finished as I realized I dont have superglue anymore so there is still a bit of thread hanging but almost there...Very very happy with this one!
This weekend seems we are "bursting" with color! :D
jeg and eolian pearls you are both giving us a great way to start the weekend!
I wish EVERYONE on the forum a Blessed weekend :07:​​​​​​​
Happy weekend to you, too, Douglas!

Eolian, that strand turned out so beautifully! Your sister is going to be absolutely thrilled! :love:

Bracelet I knotted with freshwater pearls from Kojima (PBTB). The pendant is on a rose gold little h bail, and the Edison pearl was a special request from PP several years ago. Earrings are from Hawaii.
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Oh my gosh, I am so excited to see everyone's beautiful pearls from the week!!!! Happy weekend to all. And thank you to everyone for your very kind comments on my keshi set :)

jeg I seriously can't get over the incredibly saturated colors and luster on your CMW and JNB strands, especially those two purple-y blue ones in your close up pic; I agree, could stare at those for hours! You circles and Kojima strands are also gorgeous. Your little h Edison and the rose gold detailing look fantastic with the Kojima bracelet and plumeria studs!

eolian pearls Wow wow wow!!! That is a beautiful FW strand - those colors are fantastic! The pearl near center looks like it has a full rainbow. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your sister!
Thank you SurfnSci and Charlotta! The Tahitians were very happy in the outdoor lighting. They are very colorful in indoor natural light as well, but the skies highlighted their glow on that day. I do love all colors of Tahitians. I have a fondness for the more common silver ones, too.

Color banded Tahitians and earrings made with fossilized coral.
jeg you have really stepped up you pearl game just when I though it couldn't get any better! I would love to play in your jewelry box!