Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you everyone! I cant wait to give this necklace to my sister for Christmas and see it on her! I also have a pair of earrings from Simply Adorned coming that should go well with it...

Jeg lovely freshwaters and banded Ts! I am with 86C! Your jewelry box must be a dream!
My neighbor & good friend had surgery a few weeks ago & I have been looking after her. Yesterday was her birthday so I cooked a ham dinner for her & her husband today. We took dinner to her house, along with her birthday present to celebrate. I wore my white 11mm pearl necklace with my 8-10mm multi color Tahitians & diamond/Tahitian earrings.


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86Corvettegirl Thank you! I think my sister will love that necklace and in case she doesnt...well... I will help her take it off her hands :) Your white and multicolor pearls combination is very pretty! And what a great friend you are!!!

I am in my Soc necklace again...Well, I am also using it as a bracelet as I love to see the colors change in different lights, it’s truly a magical piece!
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86Corvettegirl That is a lovely necklace combination, and those earrings are beautiful.

eolian pearls I love seeing your SoC pendant in action!!! Is there any part of the rainbow that it *doesn't* display? Simply gorgeous.

jeg Your earrings are fantastic - another lovely pairing. I especially love the size of those tahitians (which speaks to my chronic PSS :p)
Always a pleasure to see one of my "babies" being lovingly worn and taken care of...thank you eolian pearls :07:
Love the fossilized coral and black pearl combo jeg :07:
​​​​​​​Love the way the white and multicolored strands look on you 86Corvettegirl :07:

Today the Jewish people begin celebrating Rosh HaShaná or "Head of the Year", an important Celebration not just because the calendar gets a new year added to it, but because it is a time to reflect on a new beginning...I wish you all your names inscribed in pearl upon the Book of Life. Blessings. :biggrin:​​​​​​​
Always a pleasure to look at this thread and the beautiful pearls
Thank you, everyone. I do try to mix it up at times. Jeg has an influence on me.

eolian pearls your SOC pendant is sooooo dreamy & looks great on you!

Getting ready to pick up my friend to get her ears re-pierced & then to dinner. Wearing my green Tahitians with my SS octo enhancer & Tanzanite, diamond & green Tahitian earrings. I hope it doesn't rain.


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Bursting with color is right! I love all the photos of everyone's pearls.
Thank you everyone and especially Douglas for the SoC mabe love :)

86C those green Tahitians are exquisite!!!! I love everything about them! The color, the luster, the size...And the earrings with tanzanites...Stunning!
Long time reader first time poster here. Hi everyone I truly enjoyed seeing your beautiful pieces on the forum. Your pearls got my little pearly passion going even stronger. These are my little pieces worn today. Hope the photos turn out alright.

A 15” 12mm blue Tahitian leather choker with black onyx bead clasp. A super simple unisex style that goes so well with all sorts of outfits. Especially I wear casual clothes most of the time. I’m often drawn by the bold yet simple designs of men’s pearl jewellery

Fijian pearls and frangipani dangles. These bronze hued 9mm Fijian pearls are not of high lustre. I love the summery and tropical style of the earrings. Black lipped pearls don’t stand out as dangles with my black hair in the background:17:. But I still love wearing them because black lipped pearls are my favourite:p.





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Welcome to our pearl loving community/family echo
Lovely pieces...I especially enjoyed your choker!
Charlotta Thank you! I prefer this type of clasp too on leather to a half drilled pearl glued to the end. It feels a lot more secure.

@douglas this simple little choker is probably my most worn piece :)
echo Welcome to the forum! Very pretty pearls! I love that blue Tahitian! It looks great on leather! No surprise it is your most worn piece...:) And I am very very fond of your earrings style as well! Frangipani and pearls? What’s not to love?
eolian pearls thank you for your lovely comments :01:. I’m a big leather + pearl fan. Love the surfing and boho spirit behind the style even though I don’t surf myself. The frangipani just speaks summer and tropical. These earrings are from adorn pacific which is a local Fijian jewellery brand. Sandy handmade these silver details
echo Those are really lovely pieces, and hooray for pearly passion!!!

86Corvettegirl Gorgeous tahitians, and I especially love your octo enhancer!

Today I'm wearing a GSS from PP and a Kamoka keshi that I mounted on a wire band.


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Lovely ring and gorgeous necklace SurfnSci
Both pearl colors stand out really nice against your skin :)