Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Simple floating pearls for me these last few days...


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Thank you so much for your kind words, CortezPearls, Charlotta, eolian pearls and jshepherd!!!

eolian pearls Gorgeous floating pearl pendant - it sits so perfectly on your neck! Are there two different pearls or one very colorful pearl?
eolian pearls I love your floating pearl necklaces! Especially the bottom one. That Tahitian pearl has such wonderful lustre:love:. Is the metal sterling silver or white gold? It compliments the pearl very well.

SurfnSci your GSS strand really suit you;). That Kamoka keshi looks so beautiful. I’m too scared to wear any pearl on my hand. Don’t think pearls will survive on my fingers
Thank you Charlotta, SurfnSci and echo!

They are two different pearls - the aubergine one is 13,1mm, from Julia of OceansRhyme on Etsy. It is mounted on a 0,5mm 18K gold wire. I really love how delicate that wire is, the floating isllusion is perfect!

The green-blue one is 12,3mm and from Mila of NoMorePearls. I bought a 1mm rhodium plated silver chain for it and had jewelrer mount it there. I would prefer a more delicate one but at the time I couldn’t find anything suitable. Now I am quite happy with it.

Floating pearls are one of my most worn pieces. I also have two very very dainty floating pearl necklaces, one with a 9mm T my best friend brought me from Tahiti and the other is a 8mm silver blue akoya. They look absolutely tiny next to the bigger pearls.


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Oh wow! Love these floaters! Both pearls are stunning but I love the greener one...reminds me of the old "Pistachio" colors that came out of the Cook Islands so long ago :love:
eolian pearls thank you for sharing the information. All your floating pearls look wonderful. In particular that green one just pop next to the others :love:
Your floating pearls are so pretty @eolian pearls
How did those pistachios from Cook Island look like CortezPearls? Do you have any photos?

Wish I had photos, alas I do not :(
Back in 1994 we had no digital cameras and I actually had a lousy little camera, good enough for family pics. I met with some Cook Islands pearl farmers over at "Pearls '94", over at Honolulu and I had the chance to see and touch their unique pearls.
Their lustre was subdued for the most part (not polished), they had a unique texture and their color...that was the special thing: a pistachio/olive green color with a tinge of golden in them, lighter colored too, not black at all (light gray body color).

Wish I had a digital camera back then. I guess my first one was a Sony Mavica and it did have a "good enough" zoom lens, but that 640x480 pixel resolution...oh well, left much to be desired; I do have to say that back in the day it was a great digital camera.
Thank you everyone!

JerseyPearl I am so happy with the SoC necklace I cant tell you! Thank you for creating such a wonderful piece with such an amazing pearl! It will be a cherished piece for many years to come!

CortezPearls Cook island pearls sound really beautiful! Golden pistacchios....yummy...Oh the time of first digital cameras and grainy pictures:wink:
I actually have some photos of this epoch :Eyecrazy:
barrocas.jpg - Old photo Coretz pearls 2000 harvest
CortezPearls your old photo doesn’t make those beautiful Cortez pearls look any less fiery! Never knew cook island pearl used to be pistachio and golden, which is my favourite colour of wonderful Fijian pearls. I have a pair of very small 8.5mm cook island pearls from their recent years harvest. They are quite dark looking almost identical to Tahitians
CortezPearls Nothing can take away the beauty of SoC pearls!!!! Very pretty “vintage” picture:01:

Thinking about Cook pearls, Douglas, your description reminds me a little of this golden pistachio Tahitian I got from OceanRhyme. It was originally an enhancer which I never wear so I changed it to a simple pendant which I wear a lot! I will call it my “Cook pearl”:01:
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Wow, Douglas! Interesting shapes and colors! Eolian, all your pendants are wonderful and so wearable! A belated welcome Echo! So happy you decided to join in the chatter.:yup:

I have been away on a trip to the islands. Had a fabulous time, with not so many pearl pics, but lots of food pics! We literally ate our way through vacation.:yumyum: I didn’t take very many pearls with me other than the Traveling Pearl and some of my earrings. I had my Robert Wan bracelet along, and now it is badly in need of a bath and re-stringing after a splash in shave ice and a snorkel adventure.

Bracelet of Robert Wan pearls, and Bunny on our early morning walks. This one with a coconut mocha latte. Yum! Aloha!
Hmmm, can’t seem to upload the bracelet... will work on that...:dunno: Douglas?? All of a sudden, my pics are saying exceeds the file size and they are the same files as always.
Aw HI Traveling Bunny ... we've missed you :). What lovely spots to have coffee and enjoy the views! Jeg, if you want. email me that bracelet photo, and I'll see if I can reduce the file size and repost for you, till Douglas figures out what might have changed.