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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Ckrickett great earrings, you are so creative.
LisaC love the simple elegance of your necklace, looking fresh and pretty in your pink top.
SeaUrchin you look gorgeous in any pearl colour, so lucky!


New member
image5.jpeg Assorted white to golden SSP on a stainless steel chain setting which I wore to breakfast before going to the Manila Metropolitan Museum


Sea Urchin, they light up against your skin - beautiful. :)

Mister C!!! I love the look. Hip and handsome. Welcome to Pearl Guide. :)

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Hey, MrC, welcome! Does your shirt say No Haters? We love you already (and can I have your pearls when you're done????) !


New member
Sea Urchin -- such lovely lovely pearls!

MisterC -- Welcome! Very cool necklace. More pictures of you in pearls, please!!!


New member
when I got those inexpensive ripple pearls little bit ago some of them were missing nacre, and one had a large missing portion near the hole, most of them I just tossed but this one had the most beautiful colors, I was determined to find a way to save it.

I came across some oxidized silver and pave diamond floral bead caps and bought a few, sure enough they fit the pearl like a glove and only the teeniest bit of the missing nacre shows through. so I made a little pendant and was wearing it today.

I tried taking a pic with it on but didn't come out good, so here it is n a piece of cloth.

reminds me of the types of pendants that Sarah offers at Kojima Pearl