Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

So hot rainy and humid today. Blech! So it's a lighter necklace day!

So my scattered tin cup got a holiday out today!
my scattered tin cup
I love everything also~wow, almost 100 pages of beautiful pearlies! Andrea, does this mean you've been able to successfully drill the pipi yourself?

LOL NOPE! I just found some that were pre-drilled, but in a funny twist of fate I also recently found small enough pearl cups for my drill machine AND long enough drill bits for my other pearl vise :rolleyes: funny how that works out, eh? Well, at least now I can do a comparison test between the drill machine and the pearl vise/flex shaft...
Been away for awhile but I love coming back to this thread to see everyone's gorgeous pearls! Thanks all!

ckrickett - Hope you had fun on Father's Day wearing those T's and I love seeing your scattered tin-cup. What an amazing design!

BWeaves - Your collection is fantastic! The Hanadamas, choker, Akoyas, coins - just wonderful! And I love your layering!

KaySD - Your pearls look so beautiful on you. Love the clasp with the white SS's and think an enhancer will look stunning on it! Your Edison drop is intriguing and the Fat Sisters and Rikitea strands just take it up a notch (or three!).

JerseyPearl - I really like the drop pendant with the diamonds (who wouldn't!) and your Kamoka tin cup is perfect for summer.

BAS - Anytime I can see your fireball masterpiece I smile and congratulations to your daughter on her graduation!

cyndaco - Stunning mabes and opals! A statement piece for sure and I bet it looks crazy irl!

hanadama - Your sapphire studs are tdf and they look great with pearls!

madsciencechik - I absolutely adore the pipi and apatite earrings! Fun, sexy, colorful! I would get a pair in a heart beat!