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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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Today, John's incredible triple fireball pendant with green and rose gold and diamonds.

Click image for larger version  Name:	overview 6-23-15.jpg Views:	1 Size:	16.2 KB ID:	361804

Click image for larger version  Name:	6-23-15 (2).jpg Views:	1 Size:	20.4 KB ID:	361805

Click image for larger version  Name:	with earrings 6-23-15.jpg Views:	1 Size:	17.8 KB ID:	361806
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Kay, your blue baroques and SS pearls are to die for. I'm intensely lusting after them. I always wear my clasps in front, especially if they have diamonds in them. I see no point in wearing the clasps in the back (unless my hair is up). For long strands I wear the clasp on the side, in the brooch position.

Jersey Girl and BAS, your pendants are beautiful.


This is an outstanding day for fabulous pearls and wonderful photos of them. Gorgeous. Kay, I can't wait to see the drop in place! :)


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JerseyP - that's a lovely lovely pendant ! Drop shape is my favourite..so elegant!
Cyndayco - That is an amazing piece..wish I could see those colours in real life!
Kay - Thats such a lovely piece .. and I can't wait to see the pendant ! What colour pearl did you choose ? Or are they going to find you one on this latest trip?
BAS - always a thrill to see that pendant


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Today I'm wearing my ruby hearts with akoya pearl drop earrings with 3 akoya strands.

My 32" strand are the very first pearls I bought myself 30 years ago. I've worn them to death and they are still going strong.
The 18" strand are Mikimoto Exquisite pearls. I bought them for $300 from my aunt who received them as a gift and never ever wore them.
My choker is the second strand of pearls I bought myself. The nacre seems a bit thin now that I've become more knowledgeable about pearls, but they are still very nice.

What amazes me is how well they all match considering they came from different places at different times. They are all rather rosy compared to pearls I've bought more recently.

I keep tossing between wearing these three strands and wearing my coin pearls. I always thought coin pearls looked weird, and then I saw this strand and I was smitten. I love that they are not as heavy as round pearls of the same size.


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Two more necklaces I kept putting on today and then taking off.


I didn't even know natural blue pearls existed until I saw some of your lovely blue pearls. I bought this strand recently from PP and I think I want more, but it's so hard to tell the color long distance. I have a feeling that Madamas might be in my future.


This strand I made myself from bead store pearls. I had not gone in to buy pearls, since I really like better quality pearls, but I was just mesmerized by how the side drilled drops looked just strung. I had the silver findings and it just sort of all went together. They've become my favorite jeans pearls, if that makes any sense. The photo doesn't do them justice. They look drab in the photo, but in real life, they are very bright and colorful with blues and purples and mauves.

I don't know why the coin pearl photo is showing up here. I can't seem to delete it.


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I haven't been following much lately, now I log in and find all these beauties!

ckrickett, I love that combination.

BWeaves, you have a gorgeous collection! Thank you for sharing, akoyas look wonderful on you.

BAS, that pendant is so cool, and it looks great on you.

cyndayco, your mabe necklace is beautiful, I love those blues.

Kay, your blues are so intensely coloured! Gorgeous. And those WSSs... SIGH... I am jealous, the luster looks amazing.

Jersey, thank you for the photo with the tin cup and your new blossom Tahitians. They go really well together, I can only imagine how beautiful those pearls are in person.


New member
Jersey, your glowing green Tahitian pendant looks great from any angle! Your Kamoka tin cup and Blossom earring are also beautiful.

BAS, I still love your gorgeous triple fireball pendant with green and rose gold ? such an interesting piece John created.

Cyndayco, your mabe and opal necklace is just stunning. Who designed it?

BWeaves, you have a lovely collection of Akoya pearls. The blue ones are fun, aren?t they?

Katbran, this is my Edison drop with the clasp end just set on top ? one is on order for me. I?ll be able to clip it onto the circle clasp of the WSS strand, or onto a black cord for a more casual look.

Copy 2.jpg


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Super bright in my house, so it makes the pictures look silly.

This was one of my first attempts at stringing. I don't wear it often. But I figured why not today!

They are Freshwater pearls, some are off round some are flat bottomed buttons. They were really inexpensive, but had some fun colors that reminded me of brassy pondslime. Mix of Lavender, light pink, white cream, mauve. I only really wear it with pinky, mauve colored tops.