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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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And now for something completely different . . .


A large button pearl with druzy quartz in both black and white, and 2 diamonds.
The druzy sparkles like crazy. They photos really don't capture that. I tried different lighting sources, but it's the piece in movement that really shows the sparkle.

I originally wore this pendant on an 18" gold chain. Then I found these yellow and white gold cables and I thought it made the necklace look very futuristic when they were different lengths.
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Thanks, everyone, for the kind words. Pearls and opals are two of my favorite things, and I'm thrilled to own a piece that incorporates both. I bought it from Mark of Fifirosedesigns on Etsy.
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Wore my little h freshwater geode earrings to my daughter's HS graduation today paired with PP metallic drop strand. I included several shots so you can see the earring as it twirls naturally when worn:

6-25-15 (3).jpg

6-25-15 (4).jpg

6-25-15 (1).jpg

6-25-15 (2).jpg

Me and Pia at Graduation 6-25-15.jpg


BWeaves I love your necklace and pendant.
BAS lovely photo of you and your daughter, congratulations to her on finishing high school.


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Ckrickett, I love the colors in your strand -- they work so well with that top.

BWeaves, your pendant is unique and lovely! I really like it with the 2 gold cables.

BAS, your geode earrings and FW strand are beautiful. What a great picture of you and your daughter! Congrats to the graduate and her mom.


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I've been wearing Tahitians the last 2 days.

Yesterday, it was my "Loot 2: Fat Sisters" strands from the 2014 Ruckus. I started the day with the strands nested, but then decided I liked a gap between strands with that top.


Today, I wore my blue Rikatea strand from Pearl Paradise. IRL, the pearls are deep blue, with hints of green and purple and high luster. Unfortunately, they just look dark in most photos -- it is hard to capture the true color.



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Kay, your Tahitians are just gorgeous on you!

JerseyPearl -- flattery will get you everywhere! (Thank you.)