Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks BWeaves and 86C! I really love the mixed strands because they are nice and lightweight. The dress would be perfect for your weather, 86C. It’s long and sheer with a slit up the front and up the sides to the hip making it light and flowy. I have a white and blue one I’ll wear sometime soon. Took me a while to find slips that would work under them. I’d send you out to buy one but they are several years old. :eek:
Whew! I just survived a massive restructuring at work. They didn't even call it a lay off. They just completely got rid of a bunch of positions.

June 2020 sucked, and July just said, "Hold my beer."

On the plus side, I'm layered up in pink metallic freshwater pearls from Kojima today. No photos, sorry. It's been a helluva day.
How horrible for everyone, BWeaves. Take care and stay safe-
That rope is gorgeous Jeg, very pretty.
You sure did have a trying day Bweaves, hopefully your day tomorrow will be better.
Lord, it is hot & muggy today. Already 90 degrees. Since I'm hanging around the house doing some cleaning, I'm wearing my carved Tahitian pendant & earrings. Got my hair in a high ponytail cause it's just too hot to have it down!


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Much busier than the day before, and my boss was happy I was still around, so good for me, I guess.
Very pretty set, 86C. I don’t know how you do it. I would be melting in that heat.:p
Very pretty set, 86C. I don’t know how you do it. I would be melting in that heat.:p

LOL, Jeg!! It's called thin Southern blood. We're not immune to it, just more acclimated to it. It's the humidity that really gets you. In fact, with the rain we got last night, It's more humid today because it's hotter than yesterday. I would probably freeze in colder climates!
You would definitely be freezing here the past couple of days. Even I was wearing leggings! Pearls were a very light Tahitian strand from PP and the birdie earrings I made with freshwater and Tahitian keshi.

Your carved tahitians are really beautiful 86Corvettegirl.
That silver tahitian strand and your new earrings are gorgeous Jeg.
Thanks so much Charlotta!

A necklace made of seashells from some of my favorite beaches. Worn with a golden SS pendant from PP Ruckus, on a Kojima pearl chain.


JEG: Amazing looks. Love them.

It's just been hot and rainy here.

Linen and freshwater pearls from Kojima. Kasumi pearl on the choker. Greg Who on the tin-cup.


Kamoka black and white studs. Walter Who on the TNT necklace from Ocean's Cove. Long Tahitian tin-cup from Kojima.


Jeg, I love those silvery T's! Every time I see the bird keshi earrings, I love them even more!
Love the shell necklace. It goes so well with your dress! I wanted to get one of those Kojima pearl chains but by the time I got around to it, it was gone. Oh well!!

BW, you look fabulous!! Love the the Freshies with Walter Who!! Great look!
TNT looks wonderful with Walter Who & I love the long tin cup in the mix! It's been hot, muggy, & rainy here as well. It's been shorts & drag racing tshirts for me with no jewelry. But I'll be back on the Pearl Train very soon! Ladies, keep the glorious pearl pics coming!
Beautiful combinations Bweaves, it has rained here for some days as well, but it's not so hot.
That golden south sea pendant is amazing Jeg, such lovely color on It.
Thanks so much, BWeaves, 86C, and Charlotta! I especially love that Kasumi pendant, BWeaves. I’m finding all sorts of things to wear the birdie earrings with, 86C. Thanks Charlotta, it’s an exceptional deep golden pearl that I feel fortunate to have.
Going light today. Mikimoto white gold huggies, and The Hamataschen (from Pacific Pearls) on a white gold cable choker. The diamond in the center never photographs well.