Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Love to see everyone's wearing their pearls. Good do are which combination is possible to make. ��
Rianne, they are lovely classics whether Tahitian or freshwater. :eek:

SS strand worn with a SS tin cup and earrings made of golden SS, golden SS keshi, and white Myanmar keshi.


A pair of feather pearl strands from Kojima.


Oooh, Jeg! The feather pearls look fabulous together!!!

Rianne, I hope you don't mind, I flipped your photo so we could see you and your lovely pearl better :)

Rianne RSUP.jpg
Ladies, keep those beautiful pearl shots coming!!
BW, it's always good to see the Hamantaschen making an appearance!
Rianne, you look lovely in your pearls.
Jeg, love the WSS necklace with the SS tin cup! And those feather necklaces.....WOW!
Thanks Cathy and 86C!

Freshwater strand, and Sparkle and Spice Tahitian strand from Kojima.

Love everything. It took me a while to warm up to feather pearls, and now I'm a total fan.
Jeg, looking good! I love the sparkle & spice T's!

Today, it was pink FW drops for errand running & lunch with my son. Had to go light today cause it's so hot & muggy!!


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Thanks, BWeaves! I love the metal colors in feather pearls. Unlike any other pearl.

Thanks 86C! I love the Sparkle and Spice necklace, too! The Tahitians are really colorful and have beautiful luster. The light pinks were a good choice for your hot day. They look light and cool! :cool:
I had these strange shaped keshi that were in a temp strand that I didn’t know what to do with. I incorporated them into earrings and once they were hanging they looked like little birds. :D The top pearls are from the same strand and the bottom pearls are Tahitian keshi.
Your hanadamas are stunning Bweaves
Rianne, you have lovely pearls.
Jeg, you have the most amazing collection and your new earrings are gorgeous.
86Corvettegirl, I like your pink freshwaters. It's been hot and humid here as well, but cooler today. You and Bweaves would probably think that it is chilly here... I prefer when it's about 20 C (68F) not 30 C (86F). I got all over sticky when I was working this weekend and got some heat rashes on my ankle from where my socks had dug into my leg after standing up for 10 hours. I can hear you air condition in sweden. Usually we don't need it.
Haha, Charlotta. I'd give anything for 86F right now. It's 97F. I'm wearing The Goddess from Kamoka and mismatched Tahitian studs. They're the coolest pearls I have.

86C, love your pink bubbles. I love the waviness of the necklace.

JEG: Wow, those keshi do look like little birds. That was my first thought when I saw them before I even read your comment. Love them. Well, I love everything you wear.
Bweaves, 97 F should be illegal. So horrendously hot. Today it's raining here and a cool breeze, it's great.
Charlotta, 68 degrees would still be comfortable for me. I wouldn't need a sweater or jacket. It gets ridiculously hot in the Deep South during the summer. Unless you're going to be inside with the A/C, it's a struggle to do a lot of layering. I cannot imagine not having A/C!!
Thanks, everyone. The drop pearl necklace is very light & perfect for hot weather. I also have the same necklace in white FW drops.
Tonight was white pearl night for dinner... Waterfall & Waterfall lite necklaces from Kojima, PP 9.5-10mm Akoya necklace, & my modern version of La Peregrina WSS drop pendant. I paired them with 2 baroque WSS bracelets, WSS ring, & WSS diamond earrings.
Good food with family & friends.


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Thanks so much, 86C, Charlotta and BWeaves!

86C, your combination of whites is so pretty. I especially love those waterfalls!

A mixed strand from Kojima, and an Edison pendant from PP worn on a tiny pearl chain.

86C. LOVE the layers of white pearls.

JEG: Love everything as always.
Thanks, Charlotta, Jeg & BW! That was a very comfortable layer.
Jeg, I love the waterfalls, too. I should try to find a colorful one like your mixed strand. Love that one! & I love the PP drop Edison! So colorful! Your top is beautiful. I need something like that, too! LOL
BW, you inspired me to do a white layer with all the white pearl layering you can do with your beautiful whites.
Everyone looks cool and lovely, even if you don't feel cool!

Jeg, those little birdies are darling ... how clever!!!