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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
Going through some of my pearl storage boxes & came across these bracelets. Had them for years & forgot all about them. I have these 2 with blue topaz or amethyst with white FW button pearls & one with peridot gemstones. Fun little bracelets.


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lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
640AC7AB-6359-474C-848F-B91AF459E367.jpgThose are fun, 86c!
I only have Humble, yet Lovable studs today, and I’ll tell you what - this is fun, and I’ll tell you why! I cropped the photo just right and shaved 20 years off my appearance!
(sure need a haircut...hair’s gotten so long I can French braid it. Not a good look for me.))


New member
The earrings looks great on you lisa c, probably even if you don't crop the photo...haha. I resorted to cutting my own hair, luckily I have some waves in my hair so it's not so easy to se mistakes...It was really funny, I got asked if I had cut my hair and I said yes. Then where I cut it...In my bathroom....very affordable and I didn't have to book an appointment either. I parted my hair in two. Grabbed one half and chopped of about two inch. Then I tried to chop of the same amount on the other side...then I bravely took the sissors and cut my really long bangs (might not be bangs, the shorter part that sort of frames the face) and chopped it on both sides in an downwards angle. Took about to minutes. Then I ran my fingers through it, not half bad...especially if you squint...


Traveling Pearl
Wow, 86C, I can’t believe those were forgotten!

LisaC, great studs and excellent -20yr photo!:cool:

Wearing earrings I made, with a topaz pendant that was given to me years ago, and an Akoya and gemstone necklace from Margaret at SimplyAdorned.


A metallic Freshadama strand from PP, with a Kojima chosen Keshi strand, and earrings I made.



Active member
Thanks, BW, Charlotta, SydK, Lisa c, & Jeg. I try to keep my jewelry organized because I do tend to forget what I have. LOL

Love your studs, Lisa c! They look metallic!

As usual, Jeg, you look amazing! Love the necklace combination & how well your new earrings compliment them!!!


Active member
Well, we sold the rental house so Kanaloa went to the closing along with Autore WSS drop earrings! He received all kinds of compliments from the ladies in the office as well as the buyer of the house.


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Active member
Thanks, Charlotta. No, we're still in the same old house. The house we sold was our son's house that we took over when he got into a little trouble. We did some repairs & rented it out for 3 yrs. The tenants loved the house & wanted to buy it. Our son finally agreed to sell it.


Active member
Wow, too many great looks to comment on. I love them all.

95F here and humid.

Wool& olive dress with Greg Who hanging off a pistachio akoya necklace from PP. Blue drops from Kojima on my diamond hoop earrings. Mixed tin-cup and Everything Bagel rope from Kojima.



Cotton tunic with metallic freshwater earrings from Kojima. Kojima long freshie, ombre' keshi rope and mixed tin-cup. Greg Who hanging off a pistachio akoya necklace from PP.




Active member
BW, you look wonderful!! Love the layering with the Bagel rope! That's a real stunner! Your metallic layering is perfect with your white tunic. I love the embroidery!

No jewelry for me today. I just got back from my body massage so now it's relax time for me!


Pretty, pretty, pretty, 86C, Bweaves and Jeg.
I’m wearing a new (to me) pretty today - a vintage sterling silver opal doublet and blister pearl bracelet. I’m pretty sure it’s hand-made, because the bezels are shaped to each gem. There’s some signs of wear on this - I removed a link with a broken pearl, and the opals have some wear on the edges on close inspection - but I like that it has been worn and loved before.
Also pictured are the mismatched keshi earrings I’m wearing today.


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, 86C, Charlotta, and SydK! :eek:

86C, I doubt Kanaloa goes anywhere without starting a conversation. Such a statement piece!

BWeaves, great summery combinations! Greg Who goes with everything.

SydK, that’s a fun vintage bracelet, but I especially love your pair of keshi earrings!