Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Everyone looks so wonderful! BWeaves, you look cool and comfortable in each of those fashions, but that Tahitian look on the olive dress captures my heart; that loooooooooong rope is stunning, dramatic and simple all at the same time. Well done!

Ah, Jeg, another fantastic favorite, matched with the perfect clothing. The shells are beautiful, and what nice memories you must have of those beaches; the setting of that necklace is perfect!
Bweaves, the Hamataschen is gorgeous. That pearl has the most amazing luster.
[Plenty of glow with these dainty earrings, and no heat! Lovely and light, re-homed from a dear person.
I had to add the view of them in daylight because the aurora (?) colorful flashes show better in daylight.


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They are lovely classics LisaC.:eek:

Sea of Cortez pendant from Kojima, with freshwater earrings I made.


More Kojima pieces- a mixed SS and Akoya strand, and white Tahitian pendant hanging from a blue Akoya Keshi pearl chain doubled.

Jeg, I so admire your amazing collection!! You have such a variety! Love the SOC pendant & it's colors! Goes perfectly with your freshie earrings! & your Kojimas.....I love your SS & Akoya mix strand! I just love the combination of blues & golds. One day, I'll get one but right now, I'm on ban island. We just put a new roof on the house.
You’re all very kind, thank God for ability to photo-crop down to the presentable wedge of me. COVID-masking is my most flattering look, hehehe.

Very comfortable earrings, so light I don’t feel them, but a good substantial finding. They get nice comments, which is cool.

“Ban Island”, good one! :rolleyes:

You guys have such gorgeous pieces, such gorgeous collections....I almost feel guilty for relying upon y’all for the beautiful-pearl-infusions. Not quite though! It’s too much fun seeing what creations you guys come up with to waste time feeling guilty.
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You look lovely in those earrings, Lisa C! No need for guilt with those; they're delightful.

Jeg, LOVE the blue and golds togethr; gorgeous.
86C, ban island does not sound fun at all. Can I send a life boat? And thank you so much for the kind comments.:eek:

LisaC, take more wedges, please! :D

Thanks so much CathyKeshi!:eek:
JEG: Your SoC pendant always takes my breath away. I think you got the best pendant of the bunch.

Lisa C: OOOOOO. So lovely to see those again. I'm glad they went to my pearl friend's home!
Jeg, can you make that life boat a ferry boat? There are many of us who need rescued from ban island ;)
B036E1C4-ABBB-42F1-A0BC-55B310FD3082.jpegI’m the lucky one, to have them, and to have PG friends! Here’s a daylight pic, to show up the flashing colors, so y’all don’t have to backup a page to see it.
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Thank you, LisaC!

Today I wore the All Josh 2019 Harvest strand and B & W Tahitian studs from Kamoka. PP Tahitian multicolored strand is the shorter strand.



Years ago I never would have worn pearls with this neckline. Now I think it looks just fine.
How come, on the neckline? They really do look fine, and wow, I mean Fine. Those pearls are glowing.
And you guys look great.
Lisa, those earrings look lovely on you! And Bweaves, the Tahitians look great both on that olive green colour and with that neckline.
I recently fell off Ban Island (hehe) and bought some big Tahitian peacock studs. The pearls are about 12.5mm and wonderfully colourful and lustrous for such big pearls. Pictured in one shot with 9.5mm green Tahitian studs for scale.
Thanks BWeaves and Charlotta!

CathyKeshi- check- bigger boat! Haha! It would be kind of fun to be on Ban Island (temporarily) if everyone brought show and tell!

Pretty earrings SydK and LisaC. Classics that go with everything! Love those Tahitians, BWeaves. Beautiful!