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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


After looking at all the AMAZING Russian headdresses on another thread, these look incredibly minimalist, but these are my most-worn pearls - probably because they’re so minimalist and go with everything. These are white Tahitians.


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Beautiful, SydK! I have a pair of Tahitian earrings that are so light they look white. Hubby gave them to me about 18 yrs ago & they were called platinum at the time. I cherish mine as I'm sure you cherish yours.
Here's a picture of mine. They look darker in the pic than in RL. When on, they look white.


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Jeg, your golden ombre is stunning!!! And extra lovely combined with blue akoyas...Dreamy dreamy....

SydK& 86C love your white tahitians, I haven’t considered this color on tahitians until recently and find them very special, have my own white earrings in works, waiting patiently and admiring yours in the meantime...


86C, those are gorgeous - I can see why you treasure them.
Eolian, I really like white t’s. They have a silvery cast to them and a different luster somehow to white SS or freshwaters. I look forward to seeing your earrings one day.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks everyone! 86C, yes, I made the earrings. I have made a lot of earrings in the past month. :rolleyes:

SydK and 86C, both of your earrings are quite lovely. I also love white Tahitians. They are very special!

I was debating on whether to add a link to my ankle bracelet so I could convert it to a wrist bracelet and make it more versatile. I ended up just adding a Tahitian Keshi dangle to the end instead, so it will remain an anklet, for now...

Tahitian strand from Kamoka with a custom tin cup from PP. There are two pendants hanging from the tin cup- larger drop shaped T is from Kamoka and the smaller round T is from Na Hoku.



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Thank you, Eolian, SydK, & Jeg! They are special earrings.

Jeg, I love multi Tahitians! I think I need to start collection more pearls so I can make some tin cups. I have a few keshi but I'm going to need some more. Love the addition of the pearl on your anklet, too. A nice little dangle. If you ever make another pair of those earrings, I will gladly buy them. I just love the colors of GSS & blue Akoyas together!!!


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Your earrings are beautiful 86Corvettegirl.
You have made so many gorgeous pieces lately Jeg. Gorgeous anklet. And the Kamoka strand is so pretty.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, Charlotta and 86C! What a nice compliment, 86C, I’m so glad you like the earrings, and yes to saving up your Tahitians. Tin cups would be much lighter for your weather.

Metallic freshwater strand from Kojima and freshwater earrings.