Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Jeg, what fun, summertime jewellery. I admire your dainty wire wrapping.
86C, congratulations on your anniversary! Akoyas always look so elegant against black.
Freshwater earrings today. Kongs pearls set on CZ findings from Etsy. If anyone has any tips for taking ear selfies, I’d be glad to hear them!


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Love the drops, SydK.

Ear shots. I stand in front of the mirror with the camera backwards, so I can see the reflection of the phone screen in the mirror. I can't get real close, because then the earring isn't in focus. Then I crop the photo so it becomes the center of the photo and blows up the earring.

JEG: Love all the wire wrapping with the gems.

86C: Love the classic white pearls.
Thanks so much, azra (glad to know other people would wear my crafty projects!), AzFlyGirl, BWeaves, and SydK!

Something fun today- a “Wear Some Joy” bracelet with orange knots and golden SS pendant from Kojima. Worn with a SS keshi rope and white Tahitian Keshi bracelet.


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Thanks, everyone. We had a really nice time. Italian food with a good bottle of wine! Win Win!

SydK, those apricot drops are beautiful!! Great choice!

Jeg. you look fabulous in orange & your pearls are perfect with your top!! I just love all your creations!! You have quite the talent!
Fantastic pearls with that pretty orange flowered top, jeg.
Thank you Red and Bernadette! Looking forward to seeing your T Lee piece someday, Red. Hopefully soon...

A blue Akoya strand and golden SS ombré from PP. Earrings are golden SS, Vietnamese Akoya and Akoya keshi.

Jeg, I have some serious love for your Golden ombré!!! It looks absolutely delicious mixed with the blues!! Those earrings are yummy!
Jeg, did you create the GSS & blue Akoya earrings or did you buy them someplace else? I just love the color combo!
After looking at all the AMAZING Russian headdresses on another thread, these look incredibly minimalist, but these are my most-worn pearls - probably because they’re so minimalist and go with everything. These are white Tahitians.
Beautiful, SydK! I have a pair of Tahitian earrings that are so light they look white. Hubby gave them to me about 18 yrs ago & they were called platinum at the time. I cherish mine as I'm sure you cherish yours.
Here's a picture of mine. They look darker in the pic than in RL. When on, they look white.


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