Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone.
Bweaves, I like the play of shapes in that combo - the way the sharp angles and little button keshi are repeated in each piece really pulls the whole look together.
Looking through my latest pearly photos, I’ve realised just how much purple-pink is in my winter wardrobe. Plum-coloured cashmere and heavily ringed Tahitian and freshwater pearls today.
Beautiful white pearls BWeaves. You wear them so well.

Sydk- Love your Edison and your ringed Tahitian strand.
I have no idea how I managed to get so far behind ! Now there are too many beauties to mention... but I'll give it a try.

jeg- amazing earring collection ! I think you need more piercings in your ears !!
86Corvette - Bring some of that GSS sunshine here ! Great layering!
BWeaves - love all those necklaces - those ropes ! Fantastic! I think the all white look with the Hanadama studs... perfection !
Syd - It's WINTER( really cold and wet ) here in Adelaide ! Definitely need some nice big pearls to keep my neck warm - mail me your Tahitians !
SydK: Pearls and cashmere are my favorite combination. That plum pink color is great with pearls.
SydK, the nice thing about winter is being able to bulk up with your big pearls!:D

And the opposite would be those cool refreshing whites, BWeaves! :cool:

Still playing with earrings. Soon I’ll have a pair for everyday this summer. I need more supplies.:rolleyes: Here are the latest-
Jeg- those are beautiful earrings. I love the bleeding heart flower that you photographed them with. So pretty.

Today- where did the sun go? Very rainy and gloomy. Wearing my rainy day greys- Tahitian and FW pearl combination.

JEG, you need more ears. Those are gorgeous.

Gemandpearlover: Who needs the sun when you have those pearls. They brighten up a grey day.

I'm still on a classic white pearl kick. Still wearing Mom's akoya ring, because it's the only ring that fits me at the moment. I feel like every couple of years I keep getting my rings sized up. I don't think my fingers got bigger, but I can't get the rings over my knuckles.

Anyway, Nana's pearls.



Hum, cut my own hair. Not too bad. Greg trimmed up the bits I missed.
I need to keep up better with this great thread. So many lovelies worn so beautifully by you all. Thank you for sharing the your creativity and the beauties of Nature that pearls are.
Jeg, you are on a creative tear with those wonderful earrings. Soon you will need to start an Etsy store - I’ll buy the long SS danglies :)
Gemandpearl, the colours of those Tahitians are glorious.
Bweaves, I like all the white pearls for summer - I don’t own many white pearls (my pearl funds always seem to vanish on Tahitians), but they look marvellous en masse all layered up. The clasp on nana’s pearls is one of my favourites.
I am new here and mostly just reading but I wanted to share my Pearls in action from my wedding day last October.
I have had these pearls since about 8-9 years ago when they were inherited/gifted
They are a three strand choker and bracelet on a wire with what appears to be three tiny diamonds in the middle of both
(my husband says diamond chippy/chips)

New pondslime ripples, made into a matinee-length necklace with the addition of a few spare pearls from a dismantled Catherine Cardinelli strand.
Here’s the CC strand before I broke it apart. The CC strand was one of my first pearl purchases, but I never wore it much - it was a bit too dainty for my big features, and the little gold rods always twisted in the wrong direction and made it look crooked. I’m thinking of getting some big, erratically shaped keshi to string with the rods, so the asymmetry looks more intentional.
Welcome, Audrie013 - your pearls and your dress are lovely! Congratulations on your wedding.
Today I’m in vintage cashmere which probably dates from the late 50s or early 60s. I don’t think it can ever have been worn or washed, because the neckline and cuffs are unstretched, and the colour is INSANELY bright (cashmere obviously deserves its reputation for taking dye really well). It also has cool buttons. With all that going on, I decided to keep my accessories simple - GSS 11mm button studs.
I’ve been reading this strand again from the start, and have noticed two things:
1) Pearls have changed a lot even in the few years this thread has been running - In the earlier posts, there are “exotics” that are now quite common, souffles which are now rare, and those Gellner-style hematite and pearl roles that are so pretty and I had completely forgotten about, amongst other changes. Also lots of great purchases from PP monthly specials.
2) The people on this forum have some AMAZING pearls! Thank you to everyone who has shared pics, because it has been a treat for me see them all while binge-reading over the last few days.