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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
My youngest son is taking me out for sushi & sake as a belated Mother's Day dinner. I didn't see him on Sunday because he had to work. I felt like wearing pearls so this evening, I'm dripping in them. Wearing my Tahitian & South Sea ombré strands, my PP 10mm Akoya necklace, 32" large FW necklace, drop pearl La Peregrina style enhancer from Sakura, Autore SS ring & earrings & 2 SS bracelets. I may be in Pearl overload. LOL


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Active member
JEG: love the mixed strand from Kojima and your earrings.

86C: WOWZA! Dripping in pearls. I love it. The ombre's really set off the white pearls. Wow.

The weather here has been gorgeous the last few days. Barely hitting 80F, with a soft breeze and blue skies. Low humidity for Florida, although someone else might think it's high.

Today Lapis and freshwater pearls. Mikimoto huggie earrings in yellow gold.


I've been spinning and weaving a lot. I just cut a new shawl off my loom. Handspun silk and Blue Faced Leister wool. I think it will look great with Tahitians. Here it is still on the loom. Loose and airy. It was 20 inches wide on the loom, but shrank to 17 1/2 inches wide after I washed it. It's 2 1/3 yards long and has a fringe on each end.




Active member
Thanks, BW. You look wonderful in your pearls & lapis. (you're dripping in pearls too.) I just love your woven fabric!!! That scarf will look spectacular with your TNT strand!


Active member
It's hot today so I'm going a little light....FW white pearl strand with Navajo turquoise silver pillow necklace.


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Active member
86C: That is a very refreshing look. The pearls and silver and turquoise glow.

Here's The Goddess and the Corral Atoll necklace from Kamoka with my new handwoven shawl. It's very bright today, so it was hard to get the darker colors to show up. The fabric looks very rustic in the photos, but it's actually very light and airy. Just autumn colors.




New member
What a beautiful shawl, BWeaves ... it does indeed look wonderful with Tahitians; love the fringe!

Note to self: Get out the NM silver and turquoise and mix it with pearls and WEAR it ... thanks for the lovely idea, 86 :)


Active member
BW, your shawl is beautiful & I love the color palette! It's perfect for Tahitians!!!

My pleasure, CathyKeshi! I do like the combo of pearls & turquoise. I have quite a few pieces of NA jewelry that goes really well with pearls.


Oh my, everyone is looking stunning! That’s a truly beautiful shawl, Bweaves, and I love the shapes those necklaces together, 86C


Traveling Pearl
I like your combo, too, 86C!

BWeaves, Everything will go with your new shawl. I see metallics!


Active member
Thank you, Charlotta, SydK, Jeg, & Pattye! I really love the combo of pearls & turquoise.

Jeg, I love the colors in your Pearls by the Bay ropes. So beautiful & lustrous!! Just love them ropes!!!