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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Parrot Lady, gorgeous wirewrapped strand. I wirewrapped an equally tiny strand last year and strained my eyes. Had to wear sunglasses even indoors...


Traveling Pearl
Those earrings are such a fantastic treat, Red!

Those are some of my favorites of yours, BWeaves!

86C, Kanaloa is a real showstopper! I’m sure it starts many conversations with admirers.

ParrotLady, what a wonderful pearl chain you created. I love it!


New member
Each time I see another wire-wrapped pearl "chain", it makes me more curious to give it a whirl. But not just yet. ;) Your new strand is beautiful, ParrotLady.

Kanaloa is so regal, 86C! I love seeing him come out to play. Wowzers!


Traveling Pearl
86C, you have a lovely collection of Tahitians that look even lovelier on you!

A few days of pearls and projects-

Silver Tahitian strand from Pearls By The Bay doubled.

In temp strands before I knotted them.

Same dress with SS strand from POJ. White SS pearls from wild caught oysters in Australia.

A short tin cup I made with SS keshi, worn with a golden SS pendant. The metallic earrings are from Katbran.





Active member
Thanks Lilpeart & Jeg!
Jeg, you have such beautiful pearls in all flavors! I just love those tin cups & that SS strand from wild caught SS oysters is phenomenal!!


New member
Volunteering at a Fall Festival today. Treated myself to wearing this strand of wrinkly skinned, high luster Tahitians. The skins are wrinkly but no pits or inclusions that I can see. I love this strand so much and Iphone pictures do not do it justice as it is very colorful in real life.