Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks so much, Red, Gemandpearlover and Katbran! I’ve been having fun wearing all the goodies from Pearls By The Bay. Wearing and looking at pearls cheers me up this time of year. Fall has always been my least favorite season. :(
My My My! You sure picked some luscious treasures from Pearls By The Bay!! You look so wonderful!!
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Wow, JEG. I love your new purchases. Well, I love the old ones, too. I'm still kicking myself that I wasn't fast on the draw for that Sea Glass necklace.

Today I wore some more Kojima pearls, plus my Lily Pad ring, and Mom's akoya ring. Long ombre' freshwater keshi necklace worn double, with a keshi tin-cup and matching earrings. Kasumi pendant. The lighting is very blah. The pearls are much pinker and greener than the photo shows. I like the earrings. They are very lightweight for their size.

Thank you, 86C and BWeaves! I’m so glad you weren’t fast on that one, BWeaves! I don’t know how long it was in my email, but I tried to buy it after seeing it. One of my credit cards denies every Kojima purchase I make, and I was on the phone for 20 minutes trying to get the transaction cleared. Nowadays, it just sends me a text so it’s much quicker, but it still gets initially denied every time. Even when I put the company name into my travel alerts like for Pearls By The Bay. :( I don’t get it because there isn’t the same reaction to all the other companies.

Love your Kojima pieces, too! That’s a great keshi strand. :p
You look beautiful Bweaves, I agree the seaglass strand is amazing. I did see it on instagram, but when I checked it was long gone.
It's good that you have your pearls to cheer you up Jeg. I have always loved fall with the pretty leaves, the crisp mornings and apples in the garden. I even like the wind (unless it makes branches fall on my car, some many tall trees both at home and at the summercabin). I am allergic in the summer and usually better in the fall, maybe that’s why I prefer the fall. My allergies have been better these last few years since I found some great doctors and are properly medicated for the summer. Not-husband is like you Jeg, he gets gloomy with even the thought of fall and the dark winters. Where we live there is about 5-6 hours of daylight in december.
Actually, it's funny, but I was late on the draw for my keshi tin-cup, too. It was sold by the time I asked Sarah if she could swap out the hook clasp for an orbit clasp. Sarah made me another necklace and her wire wrapper accidentally made my necklace longer than the one on the website. I said to leave it longer as I didn't have anything that length, and then she worked with me on the matching earrings. I love the set.
BW, Love the necklace stack. Not too heavy & looks very comfortable since it's still hot in the South. You look stunning.
Most of my Pearls By The Bay pearls are sitting out, so I have been wearing them more than anything right now.

Long freshwater strand from Pearls By The Bay, doubled, and a bracelet from the same temp strands.


I seem to always pull out the Fiji pearls this time of year.

Fiji pearls from Cees knotted into two strands.

J. Hunter bracelet from Fiji, and J. Hunter pearls from PP made into a bracelet.
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These are all so beautiful! I wonder if there’s a color that can’t be found in the Fiji pearls? They’re so unusual.
lisa c, I think you can find most colors in fijis, except a true red. That seems like a difficult color to produce (except for in those fake strands of zeides...from early posts).
Bweaves - I LOVE the tone of the keshi strand and earring combo, even if it doesn't show pink or green enough. Looks perfect with your top.

Jeg- I think we are all in awe of the Fijis. Truly spectacular. It makes total sense that you would reach for those colors this time of year!
Wore my Kasumi pendant and earrings yesterday, but forgot to take a photo. Today, Lapis and gold and freshwater pearls. Cabachon sapphire earrings. All from Mom.

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Jeg- gorgeous fw pearls and those Fijis are outstanding.

BWeaves- You look so lovely with the Lapis and pearl strands. I love how they match your outfit and that shade of blue is just so pretty.
Love those Fijis, Jeg. Reminds me to get mine out to wear!

BW, Love the Lapis & Pearl combo!!! Such a great look!
That’s a nice combination BWeaves, I especially like that one half of your shirt/dress has fabric cut on the bias. It's a nice touch. Your mothers jewelry are always nice to see, so much variety. She must have been an interesting person.
Thanks so much Charlotta, LisaC, lary007, 2thdktr, Gemandpearlover, and 86C! :eek: