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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
Pearls yesterday and today. Flapper style. Drop waist shifts and LONG ropes.

Mismatched Tahitian studs from Kamoka. These are different than my black and white studs (which are dark purple and light blue). This pair is peacock and lavender.
Long Tahitian keshi tin-cup from Kojima.



All from Kojima. Tahitian and opal drop earrings. Tahitian ombre' drop tin-cup. Long mixed tin-cup. Everything Bagel rope. Mom's opal ring (but I forgot to take a photo of that) to match the opals in the earrings. The color is off in the photos. The linen dress is seafoam green color.



Let's see if I can correct the color. This looks closer to real life.

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Traveling Pearl
I really love those tin cups and rope, BWeaves. Glad to see you’re able to get into your pearls again!

Our weather is turning, too. Still warm enough during the days, but the mornings are cooler.

A baroque freshwater tin cup I made, with the big Tahitian drop pendant with bumpy bail from Kojima. The feather pearl necklaces are also from Kojima Pearl.


Wearing the baroque tin cup again. The Tahitian pendant and Seaglass Tahitian strand are from Kojima Pearl.



New member
Wow, BWeaves! Your long ropes and combos are so wonderful! I love seeing your pearls again (and linen, too)—I've missed them. Probably not as much as you have missed wearing them, though. ;)

jeg, more beautiful pearls and the Seaglass fave. I always love seeing that strand.


New member
Jeg, your 'SeaGlass' necklace leaves me weak in the knees, every time I see it. It is sublime.

I love the beautiful rope stands combination. And those pendants are oh so pretty....brings on a big ole smile ! Love both of the colors and those shapes. Lovely :eek:


Traveling Pearl
HELLO, Cathy! We love you, too! :eek:

A few Tahitian pairings-

Tahitian ring from Hong Kong. (The pearls are actually round.) The pendant is from Tahiti Pearl Market/Margo Pearls. Unfortunately they have since closed their Hawaii location. It is made up of 6 individual slides. They can be worn separately or arranged any number of ways.


Two multicolored Tahitian strands. One is a Kamoka strand from Ruckus 2018, the other is from Hawaii.

From Hawaii

Kamoka strand


Active member
Gorgeous Tahitians, Jeg! I love the pairing of the ring with the multi pendant necklace! And your double stack of strands...wonderful. Such luster!!