Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Wow, BWeaves! Your long ropes and combos are so wonderful! I love seeing your pearls again (and linen, too)—I've missed them. Probably not as much as you have missed wearing them, though. ;)

jeg, more beautiful pearls and the Seaglass fave. I always love seeing that strand.
Jeg, your 'SeaGlass' necklace leaves me weak in the knees, every time I see it. It is sublime.

I love the beautiful rope stands combination. And those pendants are oh so pretty....brings on a big ole smile ! Love both of the colors and those shapes. Lovely :eek:
HELLO, Cathy! We love you, too! :eek:

A few Tahitian pairings-

Tahitian ring from Hong Kong. (The pearls are actually round.) The pendant is from Tahiti Pearl Market/Margo Pearls. Unfortunately they have since closed their Hawaii location. It is made up of 6 individual slides. They can be worn separately or arranged any number of ways.


Two multicolored Tahitian strands. One is a Kamoka strand from Ruckus 2018, the other is from Hawaii.

From Hawaii

Kamoka strand
Gorgeous Tahitians, Jeg! I love the pairing of the ring with the multi pendant necklace! And your double stack of strands...wonderful. Such luster!!
WOW, looking wonderful Jeg ... what a treat to see. That B & W striped dress is especially sharp!
Whoa are slaying those Ts and linen dresses !!

To quote Rod Stewart..."you wear it well". Perfect pairings of Ts, and those dresses...well they are gorgeous. The double strand of Ts looks fabulous ! You were the lovely of the neighborhood ! :cool:
Thank you, AzFlyGirl! I think it’s just cotton. I’m not sure what the green dress is. It looks dressy in the photo, but really it’s an easy wash and wear.

That was from this weekend, and I noticed my color scheme was getting darker and darker with the weather. We had a massive thunder and lightening storm on Saturday. Super unusual for here. So, I spent a few days mixing some lighter touches-

Green Tahitian strand and special Edison pendant from PP. Lavender tourmaline and green Tahitian earrings from Pearls By The Bay.



Two strands from Pearls By The Bay-


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Gorgeous combos, jeg!

The site has frozen on me quite a few times lately, so I've not had a chance to see all the new photos up-thread, yet.
Thanks so much Charlotta and CricketBug! I posted some pics early this morning, so hopefully they are viewable.
Look at those treasures from Pearls By the Bay! So lovely and thank you for sharing the photos of your outfits and pearls.