Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

That’s a nice combination BWeaves, the tincup looks so good against that greyish taupey linendress/shirt.
I find burlap and olive drab are wonderful backdrops for pearls. I'm as surprised as anyone.
Light grey, taupe, olive, beige and some lighter browns all looks wonderful with pearls. Muted, medium colors are good for all pearls it seems. I tried my ombre tahitians with a black blouse the other day and the pearls didn't look good. Normally I avoid black clothes, cathairs sticks to it but it also looks harsh somehow.
Your new additions are gorgeous, Red! The pendant it very eye-catching! Hope the rest of your recovery goes beautifully, just like your pearls! :rolleyes: I agree with whoever said that pearls are great recovery medicine. :)

BWeaves, it's wonderful to see your pearls and linen back again! I am growing more and more keen on some tin-cup pearls... This thread is a danger! LOL!
Thanks, Jeg. Kanaloa is a star!!

Red, glad to hear you're on the mend. Those beautiful, lustrous pears should help with the healing!

BW, happy to hear you dodged the Dorian bullet. You look fabulous in your linen & pearls!!
Pushing 100F today, but I tried for some sweatproof pearls.

littleH pendant and emerald tincup. Kojima Tahitian keshi tincup. Kamoka black and white Tahitian studs.


Purr showed that gorgeous cat's eye tourmaline ring, so I decided to wear mine today. I don't think it can quite compare to the one Purr showed us. Worn with Mom's jade bangle.



and outside

Red I'm so glad that you are well into recovery , those first few weeks are brutal . I've had both mine replaced so I can empathise.
Your new necklaces are just beautiful ! I find the three colour mix to be very wearable !!

BWeaves - I love that tin cup and totally agree that it is perfect on that shade of linen. And you combos are wonderful. That ring is a beauty. I've never seen a Cats Eye Tourmaline in real life. Looks gorgeous!
Today I'm wearing my new blue baroque south sea pendant from Pearlescence. It's so pretty that I just had to order a pair of blue baroque south sea studs from Pearlescence as well. They probably arrive next week. The pendant has a rich metallic blue color with some pink overtones. It's bumpy and full of life. It really looks like a little skipping pearl person in some angles. Not-husband though it looked like a skull from a different angle (he usually don't notice my pearls much). I cannot stop staring at this little fellow. I combined it with my blue tahitian strand and studs from Pearlescence. My selfie do not show how pretty it really is.
This is a photo of the earrings, not my photo. I just bought it last night. The earrings are 14,4mm but hollow and light says Wendy so probably comfortable.
That’s a nice combination BWeaves, the tourmaline ring with a cateye is really cool.
Thank you Bweaves, one simply must have every kind of blue pearl don't you think...For science...
Love how your new strands turned out Red! So glad to hear you are doing well.
Pearls yesterday and today. Flapper style. Drop waist shifts and LONG ropes.

Mismatched Tahitian studs from Kamoka. These are different than my black and white studs (which are dark purple and light blue). This pair is peacock and lavender.
Long Tahitian keshi tin-cup from Kojima.



All from Kojima. Tahitian and opal drop earrings. Tahitian ombre' drop tin-cup. Long mixed tin-cup. Everything Bagel rope. Mom's opal ring (but I forgot to take a photo of that) to match the opals in the earrings. The color is off in the photos. The linen dress is seafoam green color.



Let's see if I can correct the color. This looks closer to real life.

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I really love those tin cups and rope, BWeaves. Glad to see you’re able to get into your pearls again!

Our weather is turning, too. Still warm enough during the days, but the mornings are cooler.

A baroque freshwater tin cup I made, with the big Tahitian drop pendant with bumpy bail from Kojima. The feather pearl necklaces are also from Kojima Pearl.


Wearing the baroque tin cup again. The Tahitian pendant and Seaglass Tahitian strand are from Kojima Pearl.