Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I love this combination of white pearls, gold and lapis, and it looks beautiful with you outfit!
I don't usually post what I wear, but it's a slow day at work.

Here are 9-10mm metallic freshwater drops from PP. I think I picked these up during a mother's day sale. The picture of these on is not great, but this is an "in action" thread so I felt like it needed to be included.


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BWeaves, those are great colors on you!

lary007, so glad you had a break to post. Such a pretty, versatile pair of earrings!

More Fiji pearls. A fun strand comprised of wildly shaped and colorful pearls from Cees. Another fall favorite...


La Perlagrina from Kamoka. TNT strand from Ocean's Cove (Tourmalines and Tahitians). Long Tahitan tin-cup and opal and Tahitian drop earrings from Kojima.


Lary007, I love the metallic drops! They're so versatile; can dress them up or down!

Jeg, those drip Fijis are just dreamy!!

BW, TNT is right! What a beautiful look!!
I recently made a purchase of Vietnamese Akoyas from Cees- 2.5-3mm and put together this strand with silver metallic seed pearls. I really like that I can double it up and also wear as one long strand! Really stunning pearls that I can wear to work.


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Humm, I have no idea why the attached images are upside down! Ugh! But the pearls even though tiny, it’s perfect for work! I love them!:p
8mm, they are gorgeous any way you look at it!!

Thank you, 86C!;)
May I try?


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Hi, my pleasure! I would’ve done the other as well, but things seemed to be extra slow and reluctant on my phone. Better to quit while ahead.
I just got a small lot of little colorful V. akoyas from Cees too; but they're intransit. 8mm, your pearls are lovely, and make a great "tiny" chain! Thanks for catching the first image, Lisa C :) Let's see if I can "right" the other, although my internet is slow tonight too ... here goes:

Hi Cathykeshi! Thank you so much! I purchased 125 Akoya pearls and if I only used the Vietnamese Akoyas, my necklace would be about 19” length. But with the metallic silver beads the length of this necklace is 42”. If I purchased 250-300 pearls, this necklace would have really cost $$$! But I am very happy on how this turned out. Maybe I will save up for larger Vietnamese pearls -5mm to 6 mm for a future purchase! :D

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I’m teying to catch up with everybody's beautiful pearls! I had cataract surgery and my vision was wonky during the process, making it difficult to spend time online. Then, I had trouble accessing Pearl-Guide. Now, my vision is the best it has been in 40 years and, as a bonus, I’m now seeing overtones on my pearls that I didn’t see before!