Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Yes, I'd say "Wow!" sums it up nicely! :D Whatever they are, they are fabulous!
Dizzie your huge white pearls are magnificent!

Maiakity I love the combination of the blue opal with the small white pearl. Beautiful!
those pearls are, as we say in texas, HONKIN'! I love them, dizzy!

melissa, your simple pendant is lovely. on the occasion where one doesn't want to wear at least two strands draped somewhere upon their body, that pendant is perfect, the colors pop!
OH i missed the ringed pearls on kelly green! LOVE LOVE! also hanaleimom's torsade - i have been wearing my overstock grey akoyas with my color-shifting strand from pp and it is a similar - ish look (ok colorwise, but man yours are so perfectly....perfect!). might need to try the torsade thing, i love it!
Dizzie, I can't stop thinking about those gorgeous pearls of yours! I hope you give those pearls some action at least once a week, they are stunning!

Working with me today, keshi pearl "station" necklace with a SS toggle pendant.

I love this thread, it inspires me to put more of my jewlery into rotation, rather than wearing the same thing all the time!
Was feeling mixed metals today, I wore simple silver stud earrings, 16 inch satellite chain necklace, and these SS stacking bracelets, I like the way it all looked together:

Melissa your stacked bracelets are gorgeous!
Re-defining *pearl farming*

Re-defining *pearl farming*

As I have almost nowhere to wear the pearls I love, I wear them anywhere, anytime, anyway.
Today was hoof trim day!

Reposted by request, from thread *freshwater keishis*

pearls at work.jpg
Narcissa, I love this! That could have been me two weeks ago except I was pulling a nail and doing epsom hoof soaks :/ You look so much more fabulous than I did though.
At work with my PP metallic white earrings. I look like a librarian! :)

Pearl Paradise metallic earrings
Thanks for showing us your earrings in action! I've always liked the "librarian" look (intellectual and sexy).
Actually, I think that teeny little ring inside Ms Luminous' ear is very sexy. Pattye, I could never go without earrings. I carry backups in my purse just in case! :)
GemGeek and luminous, you both look fantastic in your earrings!