Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

BW I so enjoy seeing your pearls and outfits!!!! I really love how you have learned to mix and match your different strands. Keep up all eye candy ;)
That's a nice study in black and white, BWeaves; the closeup comparison is a terrific shot!
Nothing looks better with a black dress than white pearls, unless it’s a polka-dot dress, which you also wear well. We are flirting with nearly 80 degrees in Paris today so I am wearing metallic white cfw drops from PP and a metallic white fireball on a gold cable with a b&w striped St. James t-shirt. No photos, I’m afraid. Bon journée!
Sorry for the crappy lighting. It's been raining & in the 40's today. It was green Tahitians today for a long visit with my Mom!


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Happy Easter from Paris! It will be another 80-degree day in Paris. I discovered that my hotel bathroom makes a good light-box with the diffused light from the window. I’m wearing 4-5mm lavender pearls from Kongs with the comet pearl pendant from Kojima and (not pictured) lavender metallic (though not very metallic) studs, worn with a t-shirt I brought as a layering piece and an inexpensive light blue linen jacket I had to buy because I wasn’t expecting this hot weather.

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Parrot Lady, beautiful lavender strand. Is the pendant heavy? It's beautiful. Great combination with the strand.
Happy Easter to you also, Parrot Lady! That is some great lighting -- the pearl pendant looks fabulous!
Enjoying catching up with everyone’s pearls! A classic look with black and white, BWeaves. 86C, hope those greens delighted your mom, and ooo lala ParrotLady! Wonderful lavenders for your Paris trip.

2thdktr, Aruba is a beautiful little island. If you’re looking for sunny beach destinations, it’s a great one. But a lot depends on what you want to do. The beaches and water are beautiful, but it is a very low key island as far as things to see and do. It’s the cleanest, most well-kept island of any I have been to. I’ve been all over the Caribbean, and my favorite islands to return to are, Grand Cayman and Aruba.

Bunny and TP before sunrise

Sunset on the beach

And back to pearls. Happy spring/Easter! Ombré Tahitian strand doubled, and pink Freshadama strand. Both from PP.
What a lovely combination of Pearl colors Jeg. And your dress is gorgeous. It goes so well with your beautiful strands.
Wonderful ombre Jeg. Aruba looks lovely. Today I'm wearing my greenish south sea strand from Kongspearl and green south sea studs from Pearlescence. I think that I will make the strand 2 pearls shorter.
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