Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Hehehee. It's getting hot here in Florida, so I just ordered a ton of linen. I like the double layered pants, and the boxy tops and the weird ones that button in the back. I've tried all the cami styles and the ones with darts that go up into the armscye fit my chest best.
Looking wonderful, BWeaves! You are our harbinger of spring :) I don't even like "orange" and I'm in love with that gorgeous linen top. Well done!
The Traveling Pearl (and bunny, and me) enjoying sunny Aruba on our morning walk. Bon Bini!

I adore that little travelling bunny (and pearl). It's just so sweet and happy looking! :cool:
Oooh, wait for me Jeg and Bunny! I'll be right down :) Have a wonderful time ...
Thanks CricketBug, 86C, CathyKeshi and Red! It’s been a few years since I’ve been here and I can’t believe all the new things that have been built up. Weather has been great and of course, always windy.
Been busy so I'm playing catch up. As usual, you ladies do not disappoint! So much eye candy and pearls that look like candy! It's very satisfying!
BUNNNNNNNNY! I love it when you share your travels. Your bunny and travelling pearl are more well traveled than I am.
I have never been to Aruba but I have been hunkering to go! Now that I am semi retired I plan to do more traveling to warm, sunny beaches!
All the blues! Vietnamese blue akoya strands from PP, and blue drops from Kojima.

Well, it's hard to photograph whiter than white pearls against black linen, but here goes. My natural white Hanadama rope and double strand of Freshadamas from PP with Nana's clasp. Mikimoto earrings, the white gold huggies. 90F today. I needed a hat to keep the sun off me, and it was still too bright in the shade.


I'm drooling over the Kojima sale, but I just bought a bunch of pearls from Sarah. Must not buy more. But I'm weakening.

Let's see if the bathroom shots turned out better.



I think this is a nice comparison of the natural white Hanadamas vs. very white Freshadamas vs. Mikimoto AA in the earrings.
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Good job! That’s hard to do. Even the outdoor shot looks great!

Wow, the natural color hanadamas are SPECIAL. Whew, simply gorgeous!
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