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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
Linen tunic and ropes of pearls. Everything Bagel and long mixed tin-cup from Kojima. Pistachio akoya choker from PP. Large metallic drops from PoJ hung on my Mom's diamond hoops.




Active member
Hehehee. It's getting hot here in Florida, so I just ordered a ton of linen. I like the double layered pants, and the boxy tops and the weird ones that button in the back. I've tried all the cami styles and the ones with darts that go up into the armscye fit my chest best.


Active member
Looking wonderful, BWeaves! You are our harbinger of spring :) I don't even like "orange" and I'm in love with that gorgeous linen top. Well done!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks CricketBug, 86C, CathyKeshi and Red! It’s been a few years since I’ve been here and I can’t believe all the new things that have been built up. Weather has been great and of course, always windy.


New member
Been busy so I'm playing catch up. As usual, you ladies do not disappoint! So much eye candy and pearls that look like candy! It's very satisfying!