Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Beautiful pendant, Lugana! I would be delighted to test drive any jewelry for you. I'm sure your MIL will be thrilled.
I rarely have an opportunity to wear worth-mentioning jewelry these days, but yesterday I spent all day testing the pendant that I made for my mother-in-law for the Mother's Day :) it's a new design for me, and it was very very last minute preparation - I actually had to cast it directly in gold which I never usually do :eek: my mother-in-law loves watching birds, her garden is even listed in the book for bird-watchers of her community :) when she comes over here to Tenerife to see us - she adores the little hummingbirds we have everywhere and regrets not seeing them back in the UK.

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The detail is fantastic. It came together very nicely.
Lugana, the hummingbird pendant is spectacular!! I love it!! Your MIL will be over the moon when she gets this!!!
Hi Lugana! You’ve been missed. Your new pendant creation is stunning. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your mother-in-law.
I'm still alive! :)

And it has been great catching up and reading about everyone's pearls. Everyone is looking great!

Is there a Ruckus planned for this summer?
I absolutely love this pendant Lugana. The combination of the rose gold with the color of the pearl is truly spectacular! Your mother in law is going to love this.������
kojimapearl, jshepherd, thank you guys, that's such an HONOR to receive these comments from you! thank you thank you! :) :)

Red, thank you! you are on the short-cut list for test-drives now ;)

Charlotta, 86Corvettegirl, pammbw, CricketBug, BWeaves, jeg, Parrot Lady, newberry, Peter, thank you! My MIL absolutely loved it and even put it into her special red wood jewelry box (that in itself is a big praise from her part :) ), and even asked if I could make some matching earrings for her birthday :eek: :D Honestly I'm very pleased how it turned out to be, I almost miss it now :)
Simple tin cup bracelet wearing today. Everyone’s pearls so amazing, but I guess you have to start with the simple pieces. :)
Bought a strand from PP of the tiny blue Akoya. Note to self: read description on size, lol. Paired with unicorn pearl from Sarah at Kojima Pearls. Love the two together
Mtummybear, you have beautiful pearls. I have to make notes to self sometimes as well. Mostly when pearls are bigger than I thought, like my first ripplestrand. 13-15mm... That’s huge. Still don't like them on their own.