Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you Jeg.
Pammbw, beautiful pearls and mini me has such a great smile, you to of course.
The pearls look great, and I can't tell which one is you and which one is mini you. You look like sisters, really!
Aww thanks everyone! She's a wonderful person and a talented photographer in Philadelphia. We have been blessed with 3 truly amazing kids!
86C, Bweaves, and Charlotta you guys have definitely given me the Blues. A serious need for blue pearls! They are beautiful!
Our snow is mostly gone, but it's in the 30s F in the mornings, so winter clothes are still in order. This OSKA shirt Retuva in Peat needs added interest at the neck, so I pulled out my pistachio Akoya station necklace wire wrapped in 14kt white gold from PP. I decided to add my new 8-8.4mm Sea of Cortez studs. While the pearls don't match, the body colors are similar and the SoC have fantastic blue overtones which I think give them a lot of life on the ear.


Beautiful pearls Red. It's still cold in the mornings here to.
86Corvettegirl, Cees blue pair of tahitians on Instagram are beautiful, I saw them to.
I love those colors together with your OSKA top, Red! I bet it feels good to see the beginnings of spring. I am loving the change in weather here.
This was my very special purchase during my visit to Kojima Pearl studio. These beautiful pearls were selected from the 2019 harvest of Kasumi pearls. I am so thrilled to have this strand!!!

Japanese Kasumi pearls




Congratulations on this magnificent strand, jeg. I went back and looked at the pictures of the select Kasumi strands from each year's harvest from recent years, and this one is my favorite by far. So beautiful and it looks great on you.
JEG: Your new Kasumi pearls are stunning! And so long, too. The colors, the surface shine. Beautiful. I agree, Red, this is my favorite Kasumi strand I've ever seen. Jeg: How big are they? How long is the necklace?

Yesterday, I wore my Pacific Pearls ripples, with my Kojima keshi strands and earrings. Faux Kasumi. Handwoven by me, silk and wool top.

jeg, those Kasumis look like candies, the colors are so strong!
BWeaves, I love your ripples, too. The colors are beautiful.
Thank you so much, Red, BWeaves, Sydk, Marianne and ParrotLady! :eek:. BWeaves, the pearls are approximately 10-13mm and the length is 22.5”.
Jeg, amazing kasumis. They look wonderful.
I love your ripples Bweaves, so many colors. And beautiful weaving to.
Red, that is a beautiful combination of colors and weight- just right.
Jeg, wow, what an amazing strand of Japanese Kasumi pearls. They look terrific on you.
BWeaves, the woven top is gorgeous on its own, but the pearls together with the top bring out the richest colors.
Jeg, absolutely beautiful pearls. I’m interested in the Kasumi pearls.
Bweaves, love the pearls and the design of your top
Jeg-- great pearls- the colors look great on you.

BWeaves- great top and pearls.