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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you 2thdktr, 86C, Red and BWeaves!

I really love your new earrings, Red, and yes, to any size any shape. They all work together.


New member
So I used to frequent a forum for another type of item that had a neat thread called "Your **** in Action!" where people could post pictures of their item "working it" in the real world, I always used to enjoy browsing that thread! I thought it might be fun to start one here for those that wanted to post some pictures of "pearls in action" making us look beauteous IRL! Soooo, I'll start, here's some pictures of my pondslime strand and I in the restroom at work today (washing hands, not using the facilities!), please excuse the labcoat. I was mesmerized by the colors and lustre under the florescent lights of the bathroom. I'm not normally one for multicolored strands, but I just love this one, and I feel like the colors go with everything!

I had strung these initially with some gold spacer beads, but decided to restring them without them...I liked the beads but I felt they stole the spotlight from the pearls :) I used the beadcaps to make these cute little earrings out of a few of the extra pearls:

Here's a natural light comparison (out in the car driving around, which is where I generally am when not in the restroom washing my hands, pearls are really working it today!)

So...who's up for sharing some pics of YOUR Pearls in Action???

those pearls are gorgeous you have posted ....
these are my new ones - i got them from a business called Pearlescence which is in England . they are bespoke chunky super lustrous creamy white pearls for my sister to wear on her wedding day and she is SO happy with them . :D
I had to buy some too as i had total pearl envy haha. i was worried that i couldnt get perfect matches but the lady from Pearlesence found identical twins !


New member
Beautiful strands Jeg. Thet wirewrapped necklace looks great.
Very nice earrings Red, they look great with the baroque tahitians.
freshpearl188, beautiful earrings. They look lovely on you. Welcome to Pearl Guide.


Active member
Jeg, I love the wire wrapped necklace!! Looking fabulous as usual!

Red, Love the earrings! I was looking to get those from Kojima, too. Glad you got them so I can see them from time to time.


Active member
I've been wearing my Tahitians the last few days, but only took photos one day. La Perlagrina from Kamoka with opal and Tahitian earrings and tin-cup from Kojima.



And today, my new freshwater tin-cup and earrings from Kojima with ripples from Pacific Pearls. Bad lighting. Very bright sunshine today. I found it hard to find a shady spot, but the dappled sunlight matches the pattern on my sweater.


Parrot Lady

New member
Freshpearl188, those are lovely earrings — perfect for your sisters wedding and I know you’ll enjoy yours, too!

Bweaves, I’m loving your ripples and tin cup with that bright top. What a happy look!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you jesskat, Charlotta and 86C!

Welcome Freshpearl!! Very pretty pearls!

BWeaves, I agree with ParrotLady- the sun hitting your sherbet top and pearls is such a happy look! :cool:


New member
Bweaves, you really combined the clothes and pearls perfectly. That new tahitian tincup is beautiful and the ripples amazing.


Active member
Beautiful earrings, Freshpearl188. Welcome.

BW, your T's are divine. Love the wired necklace paired with La Perlagrina! And your FW tincup paired with you ripple necklace looks wonderful with the colors of your sweater! You're ready for Spring!


New member
My newest creation. Turned a pair of south sea studs and a pair of tahitian studs into dangly black and white earrings.
With my south sea strand from Cees.
Just the strand.


Active member
SydK, those are like the earring jackets I would like to have to wear with my different studs but I would like it made with about a 12mm WSS. I love this look.