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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Beautiful earrings Purranha. Hope that your cold gets better soon.
That is a beautiful champagne south sea strand Jeg. You are right about my new strand. I have worn it every day since I got it, but with different earrings.
aerinha, that edison strand looks beautiful on you.
Bweaves, I know just what you mean. Must have one of each, almost anyway.


Active member
And boom, there's the title for your new book, Purranha: "Force-Pairing Pearls"! Love the words, love the earrings ... feel better soon :)


New member
Hope you're enjoying your trip Purr. I know you're shopping for more pearls so show us your new stash when you are settled in back home. ;)

Lovely edisons aerinha!

Jeg, the luster on those ssps is incredible! I like how you've added a bracelet to increase the length. Makes so much sense having the same clasp for your strands and bracelets!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you so much, 86C, Katbran, Charlotta, Gemamdpearlover and Amti, for the very nice compliments!


Traveling Pearl
Today I wore one of the shorter keshi chains that I made, with the Kojima SS drop,. The strand is a mixed Tahitian, SS, and tiny freshwater, from Rio Hong Kong.



And heading out the door-


Traveling Pearl
Thanks, Marianne and BWeaves!

Kind of a dreary day, so I went with brighter colors. South Sea necklace from Maui, and a wirewrapped Akoya and gemstone necklace from Simply Adorned.



Pearl Scholar
Thank you so much, jeg, Red, Morella, Aerinha, Charlotta and Purr for the uplifting photos and delightful pearl combinations, outfits and adventure stories, all truly inspiring to keep spirits high during this dreary Oregon weather! No right to complain, compared to what some of you are dealing with. (Someday I'm going to start at the beginning and see what all i've missed here ~ it's lots)


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, Red, Gemandpearlover and Pattye! I know what you mean about the weather, Pattye. Really can’t complain too much because it’s not cold here, but the recent rain has made it dreary and gray.


New member
Jeg, the south sea and gem necklace is beautiful. Love the colors. The gem and akoyawrapped necklace is also so pretty and the knitted sweater is gorgeous.


New member
So much catching up to do, I can't wait to see what everyone's posted the past few weeks!

I was inspired by Sanippy to reach out to Pearlz Australia, and I'm SOOOO happy with the earrings Kathleen made for me! Many thanks!! These are the most wearable earrings I've ever had, I even wrestled a baby at the pediatrician today with them on. They dangle but not too much, and the color is so nice. Silver blue with lots of pink, I can't believe I use to "not like akoya pearls" :rolleyes:
20190204_162256 - Edited.jpg
Paired with a lovely Pearlescence tahitian pendant, because kiddo has to have something to play with while waiting right?
20190204_091106 - Edited.jpg