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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Purr, I'm so sorry you were so sick. The flu is really scary this year! We had a scare yesterday thinking my daughter had it, but thankfully she doesn't. The vaccine isn't helping much this year. Love love the pearls, the drop is fabulous with that bail! And you know I love the ring <3

jeg your wrapped keshi chains are gorgeous! Love those layers.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much everyone! They are nice and light and fun to make, but I need to stop or I’ll have 20 strands going around my neck...


New member
Jeg, just layer as many necklaces as possible like Marco Bicego or J Hunter Keshi Rain collection - if I'm not mistaken about how it's called.
I'm sure they'll look pretty on you.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks Pareltje and BWeaves! Yes, the rain collection! I definitely need to make at least a couple more strands to wrap up higher on the neck!


Traveling Pearl
Jersey Pearl, I am not too much of a colored gemstone person, so I unfortunately can’t think of anything I have off the top of my head that would suit the look you have in mind.

SS pearl and apatite necklace from Maui- too big...

Fiji keshi pendant- not bad...

Back to plain layers, but doubled one around my neck- working on the two dozen layers...


Active member
JEG, It all Looks good to me.

It's been cold here in Florida these last few days, so I could layer on the pearls and tweed.

10 mm pale Blue baroque akoyas linked with multicolored near round Tahitians from PP, to make a rope. 9 mm B&W Tahitian studs from Kamoka. Mom's heart shaped cameo.


Princess mode. Double strand of 8 mm Freshadamas with Nana's clasp in back this time. Drops from Kojima on my diamond huggies.


And today, my 8 mm natural white Hanada rope from PP, with my Mom's 9 mm akoya choker, and the PP 9 mm white baroque akoyas in the middle. Mikimoto white gold huggies (6.5 mm). This look satisfies my desire for a 100 inch rope. I actually like it better than a long rope because everything stays in place.


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Active member
BWeaves, that's a lovely look :)

Jeg, you're on the right track with that Keshi pendant ... such a dreamy piece!


New member
If my neck didn't have a weight limit, I would have piled on a few more strands. Go for it.

BWeaves, don't underestimate your limits! Looking at how many pearls indian Princes and Princess weared, you have still to work;). Well, a few georgous necklaces like yours is so better than more but not appropriate. Now, a small question, maybe stupid: is a "strand" a measure unit, about lenght or number of pearls? I don't buy any necklace, only interested by pearls loose, but even them are often sold by strands, thus my question.