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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Jeg, beautiful new pearls, and I especially love your SS strand. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that travels with expensive pearls.


Traveling Pearl
Luvglitz, I usually only travel with my pendant, but the last few trips I have brought other things along thinking I should really take them out and wear them.

I haven’t unpacked or gotten much of anything else done, but I did manage to knot my new strand of Tahitians!




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Parelje what a gorgeous sunset!

Sanippy I love how your SSP keshi creations came out! They're all gorgeous. I'm loving keshi studs, they're such a fun variation on the classic round.

kalmen add me to the list of people drooling over that coconut ring! The color of the coconut really sets off the pearl.

jeg, as always, beautiful choices! And so glad you're safe, that must have been scary.


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Beautiful Tahitians jeg-glad you are safe ! And how funny you knotted pearls before you dealt with your luggage! I hate unpacking so I'd probably look for a good excuse not to do it...and those gorgeous Tahitians would be a perfect excuse !!

I have some friends heading to Hawaii..which store do you suggest if they want to buy some Tahitians?

I missed a few posts... That Kamoka ring is absolutely stunning. I hadn't really thought about the fact that it couldn't be sized..that does make it a bit tricky.

pareltje- beautiful photo of the sunset..what a glorious sky !

Sanippy - I know I commented on these somewhere but the Keshi are gorgeous !!!
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Lovely job Jeg, and beautiful Tahitians. I especially love that bright, coppery peacock pearl.

I second Sanippy.
Knotting pearls is indeed important, jeg, I agree with you. Often I left other chores to string pearls, LOL. I also found stringing relaxing and a great substitute for meditation.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks everyone! LOL, I am half unpacked now...

Katbran, if you want to pm me about what island your friends will be on and when the are going, I can try to give some suggestions. They will see pearls everywhere, but most of my purchases are from shows and special events rather than stores. (better prices)

Cathy, the SS strand is 10-12.5.
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Traveling Pearl
Here are photos of the whole strand. The baroque shapes make the strand look bigger overall.



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The strand looks bigger because the pearls are bigger than round pearls in a 10-12.5mm strand would be. That's one reason I love strands composed of drop/baroque pearls.


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Hi Everyone! Wow I caught that nasty flu over the holidays - had a double onset of flu AND strep throat! Was miserably burning a fever through NYE and didn't get to party at all. Finally back to normal and catching up on PG.

When Jeremy and Hisano were in NYC in the fall, I asked her to make a little h ring for me. And the PP buying team also pick up a metallic color shift drop pearl for me from HK. The package arrived this weekend and I'm in LUV!!! More pics to come.

IMG_0471.jpg3pearl pink sapphire w.jpgIMG_3164.jpg

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That is an incredible ring, Purranha!

Sorry to read about you having the flu. :( I just sent my D back to college and am a bit worried that she'll get the flu due to being run down, despite having had the vaccine. I told her not to pull any all nighters this term. Even if her grades slip, at this point there is zero chance of losing her full tuition merit scholarship, especially with a GPA of 3.969. I'm not sure she'll take the advice. *sigh*
I missed all my midterms spring of my soph year. I was getting very little sleep, and caught the flu. I spent the week in the college infirmary. :rolleyes: