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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Aloha! The traveling pearl and I are back in Hawaii! We are with a bunch of friends, so not enough time to get away for many pictures.

The traveling pearl was so excited to be on our beach walk this morning that it was bouncing all around with the trade winds and couldn’t focus.

More trade winds

They were getting ready to film an episode of Hawaii Five-O!

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
The temperature is actually above freezing since I can't remember when! I'm heading out to a late lunch at a local Mexican restaurant with my daughter, who has been slaving away at her senior Honors thesis and needs a break.

I'm wearing my cheapo lavender FW strand and similarly cheapo lavender button studs. I like the green overtones in some of the pearls. :D


  • lavender wheel freshwaters.jpg
    lavender wheel freshwaters.jpg
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  • lavender button studs.jpg
    lavender button studs.jpg
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New member
I don't know how cheapo that is, but it looks gorge, PD!

I bought a pair of 12mm white ssps a couple of months back, and due to a very toxic yearend, I just got my first white ssp studs yesterday -- yes, I am THAT late.

They started out as this:
Golay studs.jpg

Had them set as studs with 18k rose gold. Voila!

golay white ssp set.jpg

Test drive!

golay white ssp ear.jpg

Let's all have a shiny shimmering new year -- and new pearl jewelry sounds like the right way to do it! :p


Edison Pearl Necklace

Edison Pearl Necklace

I didn't have a chance to post these pictures of one of the treasures I snagged during one of the PP flash sales at Christmass. I have always been "in love" with metallic FW pearls, and I just couldn't help myself and bought this strand. It is described as 18" with the dominate colors being rich purple, magenta, dark coppers with flashes of green. And, in keeping with my mantra "bigger is better", the center pearl is 14.4mm. I took them with me to Florida to wear over the holidays and wore them on New Year's day.. The drop I attached is an eBay purchase.


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Active member
That's stunning.

I haven't posted in a while.

My baroque T's from Kojima and Mom's ruby swan and ruby heart earrings. These T's really reflect the clothing they are on. They're not ombre in real life.


Today, layers. My original rope, which I've restrung on Beader's Secret. It's now shorter than it used to be. It needs to relax a little. My deep blue Vietnamese akoyas from PP, and my natural white Hanadamas from PP. Earrings are blue baroque coffee beans from Kojima. And one of Mom's cameos with a diamond earring.



New member
BWeaves, I love your blue akoya strand with that jacket.

I've been wearing a lot my long Tahitian rope with the 8 to 9 mm pearls. I recently hooked it to another T rope for a triple strand look:

IMG_5073 (2).jpg

I didn't wear it today with this top but this pictures has better color:

IMG_4945 (3).jpg


New member
I'm so behind here - BWeaves, I just love that swan brooch, it's really gorgeous. And the pearls, of course.

Annie, love those layers!! So decadent.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
It's great to be back online!

These are color-shifting pearls from PP in the gold-peach-pink color, bought back in 2011. I have a hard time capturing the green and pink overtones that some of the pearls have.

colorshifting gold:peach:pink from PP.jpeg


New member
Man I had PG withdrawal yesterday! Those are beautiful, PD.

Here’s my POTD from yesterday - working from home today, so I’m not accessorized :) wearing Purr’s SoC mabes and my (finally repaired!) hydrangea ring.


Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Splendid, Battah! Love them all.
We're heading out to do some grocery shopping. It's raining but at least it's not so cold today. One day's reprieve before the temp drops again.