Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Snowdrops! Yea, time to check out my yard too, then. My lilacs have rosy buds.

BAS, thank you, that's quite a compliment given your gorgeous collection:)

The early 'edisons' are difficult to photograph. IRL they're quite rainbow colored, but the color is dependent on the angle of view, not in strips like I suppose Tahitians look IRL. Maybe that's why the photographs look so mauve.
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Today I'm wearing white metallic "petal" keshi pearls with my standby natural Hanadama studs. These keshis are amazing!

So many lovely pearls, I need to check more often as they otherwise pile up quickly :)

Lisa c I love those strands as bracelets on you. The earrings look very elegant, too.

Pkinnew I love how you match your clothes and pearls -- I'm starting to covet whole outfits, haha.
Pkinnew I love how you match your clothes and pearls -- I'm starting to covet whole outfits, haha.

Thanks, tucs and --- I Know! I saw all the lovely cotton turtlenecks and thought "wow, mine are looking pretty shabby"; see the eilet and think "I want those" and the linens!!! The list goes on and on, doesn't it?!?!
These are my lavender studs and triple graduated multicolor metallics from PP.

Triple strand multicolor metallic pearls from Pearl Paradise
Three-row large metallic pearl strands from Pearl Paradise
The triple strand necklace is magnificent. In the first photo on the neck, i feel like I can see into them! ♡
Oh yes, BabyNurse! Pshwar! Would you share the sizes, etc? Are there pale yellows in the strands? It's marvelous!
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BabyNurse-- I adore that triple! And you've paired it beautifully with the color and neckline of the sweater.
A bright breath of spring, Baby Nurse ... love those lavendars!
Beautiful pearls Baby Nurse! I never considered coloured pearls before but yours are gorgeous.
So, a little while back, I asked Wendy from Pearlescence to make me a mid-golden South seas station necklace. She went to HK shortly afterwards and selected 9 beautiful pearls for my 14 ct gold necklace and here is the finished piece. I am thrilled with it AND it was under budget so I could get earrings too :)

They look amazing on with my white shirt and also my cream blouse, I will post some snaps when I wear them next.

Thank you Wendy!!
Lavenderjade -- how wonderful! They look spectacular on you! Congratulations and wear in health! More pictures, please.