Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Great ideas and beautiful pearls! Makes me want to run out and pick up a bunch of orbit clasps!
Love love your remakes, PW! They look fabulous.
Pearly-Whites, I'm a huge fan of orbit clasps. Your re-do's are fantastic, and the idea of combining the orbits with the pearl shorteners is brilliant!!! Congratulations on your new grandchild. I remember so well ... "Mom, come here NOW ... I had a BOY ... help!" LOL ... a week later, "Mom, you were a lifesaver. You can go home ... NOW." Still kind of works that way ... "Would you like a boy ... for a week or 3 ???" "Could we have our boy back now?" So much fun ... CONGRATULATIONS again :)
Congratulations on the new grandchild! And also the redoing of your pearls! They look great!
RARELY do I do this ... but I really liked this combination, so I'm bravely sharing: Nothing better on a hot, busy 4th of July than blue & white linen, accented with white baroque akoyas, baby blue Vietnamese akoyas, and white akoya earrings accented with blue aquamarines ... which you can't see in my bad selfie ... all pearls from Jeremy, Hisano & PP.

Aw, thank you Pearl Dreams ... I hate selfies; agonizing for me :( Almost as long as deciding which pearls to wear LOL. I tried 1, 2, 3 blue Vietnamese strands, 1, 2 white baroque strands before I realized I could nest these 2, which I'd never tried before. The earrings have a pretty blue aquamarine faceted bead halfway up the chain, which disappeared in my hair ...
Oh Cathy, you AND your pearls look so cool and lovely!!! You really should take selfies much more often!!! Gorgeous!!!
Thank you kindly lmgarden ... you are TOO kind, and I doubt I'll get over my selfie shudders ... but I do love those pearls. Thank you!
P.S. We drove 1.5 hours to set up the camper, picked up daughter, grandson and friend, went back the other direction another hour to an outdoor picnic, then back again ... all illusion of cool are strictly the effect of blue, white, pearls and linen, with a lot of help from the frigid AC in the truck lol.
I understand, Cathy-- I'm okay with posting neck shots/ear shots but I've always hesitated to post my full face online.
Pearl Dreams, I couldn't figure out where to crop it, or I would have lol ... oh, well ...

Thanks JerseyPearl. That's my darkest strand by far, and they do change depending on light. To my eye, more blue than silver, especially if I put all 3 strands together, and with blue clothing. With something else, more silver comes out.
Bravo, Cathy! Seeing not only your wonderful pearls but you as well, made my day : )
Thank you, Katbran ... I'm not so comfortable with being "seen" ... I love the blues too!

Oh, Baby Nurse ... thank you, my friend ... you just made my day too!