Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Argh. When I open the window to respond to a thread, I select the little picture of the tree that says "Insert Image". I receive 2 options, From Computer and From URL. I select From Computer, and a browse field opens. I select the photo I want to post, but nothing happens. I see the path to the file, but there's no "OK" or anything (like there is in the From URL option). Maybe it's too big? It was originally 270 KB's, but I reduced it to 33.4. Is that still too large? They really are lovely pearls, my self, my photo and my photo-taking skills don't do the strand justice. I guess you'll just have to trust me.
FullSizeR.jpg"Upload" never appears as an option, at least, I don't see it anywhere (ironic that if I could post a photo I could show you the screen I'm seeing). Maybe it's something funky with my work computer, like some prohibition on posting photos, etc, or the good ole' standby of I am really not gadget savy. I'm going to try to edit my post above and try to add it there. Thank you for trying.
Oh, look at that, Upload IS an option! I thought it was just text, not a button. Argh, but Thank You Pearl Dreams.

So, there are the BB from PofJ. My photo skills are about as bad as my computer skills, but they're just beautiful in person. I love them.
And here are the first ones, 8-8.5 18" natural white Hamada from PP. Again, much better in person. Oh, I'm also wearing my wedding pearl studs which were the only pair at jewelers at the time, I'm pretty sure akoya, but that's it. Earrings to match the necklace are on my wish list, but that's where they have to stay for now. The color difference between earrings and necklace is noticeable in person, but only if you're looking for it. It's more noticeable in photo.IMG_0129.jpg
If I had $1.00 for every time I forgot to hit "Upload" ... I could buy more pearls lol. Glad you found it, BritM; you and your pearls look lovely :)
I'm loving everyone's selfies!!! It sort of gives me a chance to get to know you before Ruckus!

Cathy, that's such an awesome, refreshing look. You'd never know it was summer with those cool colors. Did I mention how much I love V Akoyas? I need some.... stat! I hope someone has some for sale at Ruckus!

Purr, those babies!!! They are adorable and sooo sweet!!! Little dangling octopi! And with V blue Akoyas and GSSP keshi... swwoooon!!!

BritM, you did it!!! Yay!!! The first of thousands of pictures to come! :D Your Hanadamas look beautiful!

Norm, lovely little natural pearls! And the silver akoya are very beautiful! You're the only one in this group that hasn't uploaded a selfie (hint hint). ;)
RARELY do I do this ... but I really liked this combination, so I'm bravely sharing: Nothing better on a hot, busy 4th of July than blue & white linen, accented with white baroque akoyas, baby blue Vietnamese akoyas, and white akoya earrings accented with blue aquamarines ... which you can't see in my bad selfie ... all pearls from Jeremy, Hisano & PP.

Good Grief, You are TOO CUTE! :) I can't wait for my hug!
Thanks, Amti ... I really look forward to meeting you in person!

I can't wait for a hug too, GemGeek ... thanks, and see you soon :)
Oh, I've posted a neck shot or a ear...even have 2 ears & lips..but thats as far as I've gone...I used to have so much dark thick hair...I'm now blond...

My simple wear anywhere on the bus in hot heat old don;t worry about 7mm akoya...

Be nice to meet everyone too...hope I can make it at least on Sat!


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Love the selfie! 7 mm akoya pearl studs were my very first earrings and still my all time favorite "go anywhere" earrings.
Today I'm wearing a tiny mm Fe strand from little h. Oh, and some FW or fake dangley earrings. I bought them at at arts festival booth with a matching triple strand. They're faceted and have an odd look, so while I was told FW, I have my doubts. Either way, they're iridescent and that works sometimes. My wedding studs would look better, but I wore them yesterday and didn't want to repeat.IMG_0146.jpg
Here you are right side up! Now we can really appreciate your lovely tinies - and your smile :)