Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

PW, your keshi necklace is coming along nicely and wow! Your waterfall rope is beautiful! It looks amazing on you.

Ckrickett, aww I love your HP pieces! I can't believe your husband designed them, so creative. Did you make the metal settings yourself as well?
I love all the egg stories!

ckrickett, I love the Harry Potter pearls. I'm also a Potterhead and Lord of the Rings head.

OOOO, Pearly-Whites, you got my necklace. I was eyeing that one, but I bought the Tahitian tin cup instead. I kept telling myself that I didn't need more white pearls, and maybe I'd see this strand at Ruckus in person. Well, I might, but on someone else. Wear it in the best of health. It's gorgeous!
Kamoka keshi clouds and blue sapphire studs.

Very pretty, hanadama!

Pearly Whites - WOW! That strand is stunning! Sarah always knocks it out of the park.
Ooh, lots of pretties lately. Pearly-Whites, I especially love that modern take on the classic white strand. :)
OK, I'm trying to convince myself to wear Tahitians in the summer. Kojima baroques.
I think smoke grey doesn't really count as a summer color even though it is a T-shirt dress.
But the dress matches the thread the pearls are strung on, hehehe.

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Lovely, BWeaves. I have a lot of tops for summer in grey. I think various earth tone greys are popular just now. Luckily, they look fabulous with pearls!
Looks wonderful, BWeaves ... like the colors in the sky in summer at dusk :)
I agree, they look totally fine. Tahitians come from a tropical place and they should be worn in the summer.
T-shirt dress, smoke gray, and pearls not summery. Pshaw! (btw who makes the dress?) A t-shirt dress and leggings sounds like a perfect summer outfit for out here...