Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I love Boden, but this particular grey cupro dress came from Anthropologie. It's very stretchy and comfy, but nice enough for work.

JP: I love that aqua and pearl necklace. It looks like planets orbiting the sun.
Rice Krispies and Lapis. And a stretchy denim T shirt dress from Boden. I actually got a "Nice necklace!" comment from one of my co-irkers as I walked past them today.

Very nice JP, I love the Ts and aqua together. ..very summery! I have some very light (and small) apatite, and some larger aquas, somewhere in the studio that I hoped to make a similar design.
Gorgeous look for summer !! Love Aquas and those beautiful light Tahitians!

BWeaves - I love that necklace ! I had some similar shaped Lapis and they always drew comments!. I love Lapis .

Thanks Katbran. I too love lapis...almost bought some in a little mineral shop in Santa Fe. But I opted for the zircons instead...there's always next time.
BW--I love the summery look of the T's, they are beautiful.

JP--the light blue and T's are perfect and look so great with denim!! A look you can sport past Labor Day for sure! (Just put away your white shoes then)
Trying the T's again with a navy linen top. Kojima necklace and Kamoka black and white studs.


And all the blues (almost). Pearl Paradise necklaces all hooked together with orbit clasps. Kojima drops on my Mom's diamond oval hoops.

Paying catch up here. Oh, Pearly-Whites, I had been looking at that waterfall necklace for weeks, and now I'm so glad to see it worn by its rightful owner! And it looks even prettier worn than it did online. Wonderful choice!

Hanadama, your metallics literally took my breath away.
OOO, I never would have put those Tahitians together until I saw yours, Hanadama. Now I think they go great together. I love a mismatched triple!
Lady in Blue

Lady in Blue

Summer is in full swing here in Texas. So, I am out of my funereal black and into more colorful clothing. I am wearing my baby Tahitians bought last summer from PP. I am wearing four strands of silver blue Tahitians ranging in size from 6-8 mm. These pearls are much smaller then what I usually reach for, however, I find myself wearing them often. The color is sensational.


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