Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks BWeaves. I think it's more wearable now; it goes with more of my clothes. I reach for it more often than before. And I have studs in the same blue/green color range to go with it.

I'm not trying to hog the thread today --someone else post their pearls! ;)
Pearl dreams, your Ts are gorgeous! So interesting how different the strand looks with just a few swaps and rearrangement. I also prefer your new version!
You are probably all sick of seeing these pearls - wearing my 31" silver rope today.

il_570xN.1110232090_dlkc.jpg Sorry it took awhile .. here is the bi colour you asked about .. I grabbed Svens photo as I still can't find the pearl... I think I dropped it into a bag of Kamoka that have been sitting around and it's been buried somewhere in the office. sigh I will find it and work it into one of these strands... I'm on the search for a fat blue SS too.
Katbran, the ropes are wonderful! I love the design - lots of contrasting shapes and colours, the perfectly asymmetrical pattern. I'd love to see your Bi-colour SSP!
Everyone is looking wonderful in their pearls, playing catchup on this thread is always a pleasure.

BWeaves, I love your keshi tin cup!

ETA: made a new pair of earring dangles, soft lilac Brazilian amethyst and Sea of Cortez keshi on 22kt yellow gold. I made the eye pin a bit bigger so I can hang them on hoops or use as pendants. My photo doesn't really capture the colorful orient of the keshis, but there's a lot of red, blue, and green orient! I have a few more of these keshi, but I'm hoping to gather more over time to make a wire wrapped necklace with these same amethyst beads. Will probably take forever to do so!
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MSC your earrings are scrumptious! You scored SoC Keshi! I'm so jealous, they are very rare.
I got a metallic strand of potato pearls that are such colour shifters.
They look pink in some lighting, gold, and very green in others.
Strung on shell Beader's Secret with a rose gold clasp :D

I find it very hard to match this length of jewelry to my clothing, I definitely prefer longer necklaces. But I couldn't get multiple strands of these so it'll just have to be a 17" strand!

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Wow the colour on these metallics is insane! I can see green, gold and pink. Beautiful! I find shorter strands look good with collared tops. Maybe a sleeveless shirt with a collar for summer?
Karman - I think that length looks great on you ... but I know what you mean..some lengths just don't fit the clothes you have...that's why you have to buy new clothes :D

Um, that's why you have to buy more pearls?
Cathy, Pearly-Whites, Katbran, Karman, hanadama, BW-thank you all for your kind comments!
Pearly-Whites, I bought the strands from a dealer here in VA and knotted them with beader's secret, of course!
BW, haha, yes, they are indeed like little suns!
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msc, I love how the gemstones bring out the color in the SoC earrings. Great job on the loops!
Karman, the colors in your strand are delightful. I love that you used rose gold, very effective!
Pearl-Dreams, those T's are wonderful! I love them with blues and greens, all year long!
hanadama, that strand is beautful!
katbran, a BAG of Kamokas laying around the office??!!
Metallics today! Studs and fireball pendant. These are some of my first pearls.




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Karman--those pearls have amazing color and luster. They are very different. I love the rose gold with them.

MSC--I have missed seeing your designs and love the Sea of Cortez with the amethyst. The drops are beautiful and I would love to see them on!

Hanadama--Gorgeous metallics!!

Pearl Dreams--not only are you full of excellent advise and wisdom, you have the most amazing Tahitians anywhere. They look lovely with any color and any time of the year!
Fakey, fakey. Mom's Majorica faux Tahitians.

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This is a gorgeous set of costume jewelry. But I kept feeling like I am cheating on my real pearls.
Plus, the earrings hurt my ears after about 8 hours.

I think I'll see if Sister wants them. I think she might be up for a swap.

I'm just catching up here today
Bweaves - yr costume pearls look fabulous!