Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

OOOOOOO, aaaaaaaah, melts into a puddle in front of the computer screen.
Beautiful BWeaves, hanadama, and Luvglitz!
I haven't shared in ages, here's one I've been wearing a lot (though adding the purple is new).
battah, love the pendant, did you make that?
BWeaves, your blues & Ts are wonderful!
hanadama, love your putting those T strands together!
Luvglitz, those blues are beautiful!
All lovely pieces!
Purple Edisons.jpeg
It's been chilly, overcast, and rainy for the last two days :( So today was a great day for gray and lavender colors with white gold, amethyst, and purple Edison earrings :)
Luvglitz, they are sensational! Silver blue baby Ts...(insert love heart eyes emoji)

Battah - that piece is incredible. I can't believe you made it! So talented.

SunSeeker - gorgeous earrings! I LOVE purple pearls!
SunSeeker, love those earrings! I'd love a pair of Edisons like that, I bet you get a lot of use out of them.

And thank you, SunSeeker, Katbran, and hanadama! The pendant is metal clay with color added, and the pearls are kind of a faint goldish peachy color. They're a strand I had that I restrung for this piece, they weren't doing anything for me on their own.
Beautiful BWeaves, hanadama, and Luvglitz!
I haven't shared in ages, here's one I've been wearing a lot (though adding the purple is new).
Battah, I love your pearls with the pendant. I am going to the gem show on Friday. I am determined to find some interesting pendants to combine with the strands I buy and then string. Wish me luck!
These are NOT my pearls! But I couldn't be bothered starting a new thread for just a couple of crappy iPhone photos!

I went for a little walk on my lunch break today and visited Rutherford pearls in Melbourne. They had some stunning Australian WSSP and very gorgeous, colourful Tahitians but I wanted to see the GSSP. These are actually the first GSSP I've ever seen.

The studs are 11.7mm rounds from Jewelmer. Described as medium to deep gold. The drops are larger, over 12mm, paler and not from Jewelmer. They were pretty but not as amazing as the WSSP they had.

So what have i learnt? The deeper, brighter golds look better on me than the paler shades. GSSP I saw didn't appear to have the same ethereal glow as the WSSP. Not sure if that's normal? But they look amazing against the skin! Yes I'd love some GSSP in my life one day!


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Ugh! It's 97 degrees F here today. I've been slathering on the sunscreen, but to no avail.

The dreaded pearl tan line!


The only solution is to wear more pearls, to cover it up.

I probably need to start walking with an umbrella as a parasol. I'm starting to get a redneck even with wearing lots of sunscreen. And I don't even spend much time outside, either.
BWeaves, I live in a hot climate too. I do put lots of sunscreen on, but skimp on my neck because I'm so worried about residue on my precious pearls.
Yeah, I'm tossed between getting sunscreen and sweat on the pearls vs. getting skin cancer. It's why I usually switch over to my gold and silver necklaces when it gets hot. They're easier to clean. I probably should bring a big sun hat or umbrella into work and use it on my walks. I really need to do that. It's only April and I already have tan lines around my neck. We never got a winter in Florida this year.