Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I fell in love with this handmade shawl. It is a stunning piece of fabric art. So, I tried it out with my goldens. Dark 22k oval goldens from last year's PP sale at the neck, and the rope is my two free-form golden strands hooked together, also from PP and chosen for me by newberry and Jeremy. The earrings are white South Sea keshi by little h.

Dark 22k oval goldens from Pearl Paradise, The earrings are white South Sea keshi by little h
Gorgeous ladies and absolutely gorgeous..
Red the handmade shawl with the golds are perfect together.

Newberry your collection of enhancers are TDF

JP that lavender jade is a killer look.

Hadanama : those Tahitian tincups are so pretty.
Hanadama, those bracelets are just dreamy :)

Newberry, I just LOVE that enhancer on your new white Tahitians nested ... that looks etherea!

Red, your shawl is a work of art, looks lovely on you, and the GSS are just perfect !!!
I'm drooling over the goldens that are now on sale. So I remind myself that I still have these. 22k gssp from PP I bought in spring and cheapie yellow akoyas.
22k gssp from Pearl Paradise I bought in spring and cheapie yellow akoyas
JP, your rainbow Tahitian against lavender jade, omg, LOVE the combos!
Lovely pearls, ladies, a great feast for the eyes especially because it's dreary and grey here northern Europe
So many gorgeous pearls on a lovely Saturday (late to the game!)

hanadama, the intense color of your tin cup and bracelets are just beautiful.

Newberry, that strand is lovely and Sarah really does make some gorgeous pendants! Thanks for the reminder about Sarah, that was a real "oh yeah! duh!" moment LOL. I purchased some tiny fwp strands from her a little while ago; she's always great to work with. I did make a purchase with Wen, as an experiment since I never purchased from her before. We'll see if what I purchased will be suitable or not. Silver tahitians may be the way to go, if not.

Those GSSP are glowing Red and Pareltje!
A Pipi for (almost) every finger! I just pulled out some of my pearls after being locked away while on furlough. Hello old friends!
Pipi pearl rings

I added some 22k beads and champagne diamonds to my fun ring :)
MSC, I LOVE your pipi cutie babies... I wish they could play together with sisters gssps in real life here on PG. Oh yeah maybe turn it into a real group first lol...
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They are freshwater pearls. and yes gold beads between. I can't decide if I like the gold beads anot. Am going to leave it there for a while to see how i feel.
So gorgeous, ladies!! MSC you make me want some pipis...

Experimental piece today, my first attempt at soutache, with freshwater pearls.
 first attempt at soutache, with freshwater pearls