Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Love the tin cups newberry, I actually can't pick a favourite. . Your enhancers/pendants are also fabulous - huge and so colorful. What are those things sticking out of your pearl in the last photo??
Morning PJ pearlie selfie :)

Side note: can anyone recommend a vendor for metallic freshwater pearls? I'm looking to replace the 3 cheapie pearls in this necklace with metallic fwp drops (non-nucleated) in shades of silver/gray.

Beautiful, Newberry and MSC!

MSC Wen often has individual drops that seem like they're metallic, and pairs. I think the colors just depend on what is in stock at the time but it might be worth messaging her. I usually see pinks and peaches with her. Or I'm sure PP could hook you up if you emailed them.
Thanks, Jersey and battah! My dad picked it up in China at one of those tour a pearl factory things.
I just took a look at Wen's offering and they had some silver and lavender-ish silver pearls for really good prices, so I think I'm going to go with her. Thanks for the reminder, battah!
No prob! Can't wait to see your redesign :)
Newberry my oh my on your gorgeous tin cups. I can't decide which I like better. they are all fab.

MSC: lovely. I like the idea of 3 dangle drops. do they bump each other? I would love to create something similar. Can't wait to see what you come up with
MSC you might ask Sarah at Kojima. She has Fuji's Pacific pearls and Kojima stock to look through. Most of her stock is not on her website either. I don't think freshwaters come in gray. I think the ones we see like that have been dyed. You would have much better luck looking for silver Tahitians. She usually has lots of Josh of Kamoka Tahitian's on hand.

JP love the lilac sweater and your pearls look great with it. The overtones on the earring pearl is crazy beautiful! Lavender jade is TDF ;)
Hanadama love the chain on your tin cup. It really balances the pearls well! Beautiful pearls!
Friday's pearls....white body Tahitian rope with gold overtones with my first enhancer from Sarah at Kojima. The Pistachio pearl is from Kamoka. I usually wear this enhancer with my pistachio Tahitian strand.

white body Tahitian rope with gold overtones with my first enhancer from Sarah at Kojima. The Pistachio pearl is from Kamoka