Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Battah, that looks like a piece my mother had back in the late 60's early 70' was costume, so long gone...but seriously mod!

ETA: I think we may need a tutorial on soutache.

I'm still a novice, but there are a lot of great videos out there! I watched a few on YouTube before I dove in - I also picked up a book on Amazon that has some nice patterns. It's not as helpful as watching video tutorials, but the patterns are great.
Pretty Cool, Battah!

MSC, love the pipis, and the ring upgrade is delightful :)
I am still at the waxed cotton thread and now pearl on leather thong stage of my life. I took this yesterday to show a friend the hand crafted bronze guitar pick I just added.

It really is a Rock'n Roll look :

Goes to prove age has nothing to do with it - turned 53 this summer and just started playing guitar this spring.
Wow I'm just catching up on all the beautiful new additions to this thread.

Beautiful ropes newberry & red, I love the baroque shapes.

Pareltje, lovely golden pearls, the akoyas do not look cheap at all!

MSC - how do you have so mmany pipi pieces??! I love them!

I adore tiny pearls kalmen, they look lovely on you!

Beautiful pearl ckrickett - I need to make myself a "floating" necklace.

Battah - WOW! That is impressive. It turned out great!

Very cool Karin! Love the pearls and leather.
Okay, NEED to see these right side up :)


I'd gladly trade every one of my pearls for the ability to actually play guitar, as opposed to the few miserable, childish notes I learned late in life as an adult "learner" ... sadly, not :) Very creative pearl look, and I think, good for any age!


MSC, you have such a knack for finding cool things on eBay ... I have NO more knack for that than I do for playing guitar LOL. Really cute pendant!
LOL, Pareltje, such a weird, esoteric and usually useless thing I am an expert in ... But I really do enjoy fixing and helping out ... and am selfish enough to want to see all these lovelies right side up! Thanks :)
I've been taking some weaving classes, so I've been catching up on all your beauties.

Here's what I wore last week and today.


And I was finally able to capture a bit of the sparkle.