Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

That's going to be a fab necklace, hanadama!

Pearls and pinchbeck today.
Pearls and pinchbeck
I love the layers, Battah. Can you give us a closeup of the pinchbeck necklace, please?

I have a couple English cameo brooches set in pinchbeck. Very few people know what it is.

From Wikipedia:

Pinchbeck is a form of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, mixed in proportions so that it closely resembles gold in appearance. It was invented in the 18th century by Christopher Pinchbeck, a London clockmaker. Since gold was only sold in 18-carat quality at that time, the development of pinchbeck allowed ordinary people to buy gold 'effect' jewellery on a budget. The inventor allegedly made pinchbeck jewellery clearly labelled as such. Pinchbeck jewellery was used in places like stagecoaches where there was a risk of theft. Later dishonest jewellers passed pinchbeck off as gold; over the years it came to mean a cheap and tawdry imitation of gold.

Pinchbeck typically comprises copper and zinc in ratios between 89% Cu, 11% Zn; and 93% Cu, 7% Zn
Here ya go! Pictured next to a 14k yellow gold band for color comparison. I really like pinchbeck. I tend to be sensitive to non-precious metals - my skin turns green or they make me itch, or I can smell them - but pinch doesn't bother me. It's a nice alternative to gold for heavier pieces that would be really pricey otherwise, I think.

I had not heard of pinchbeck-- so interesting.
Does it tarnish?

It's not supposed to. Mine is an antique piece and I don't do anything special with it, and it looks pretty good. It has that darkened look that older gold can get, but it doesn't look oxidized anywhere.
Thanks for the closeups, Battah. Cool chain. From a distance, it looked a bit like one of the chains from the Cheapside Hoard.

The Cheapside Hoard is a hoard of jewellery from the late 16th and early 17th centuries, discovered in 1912 by workmen using a pickaxe to excavate in a cellar at 30-32 Cheapside in London, on the corner with Friday Street. It was jewelry that was buried in the jewelry district as the fire of London was sweeping through.

Pinchbeck does not tarnish, however, it's also not as bright as real gold. Pinchbeck's regular look is of gold that is just a little dark and not as shiny, but it never actually tarnishes. I also do not have any problems with pinchbeck next to my skin. It's a good alloy. Battah's photo is very representative of what pinchbeck looks like.
Purr you look purrrrty :) Love Victoria Grayson! Remind me, is she a long strand doubled? Or are you wearing her with another Tahitian strand?

BWeaves, thanks for that info! Looking forward to googling the Cheapside Hoard, that sounds interesting. I got this chain from an Etsy vintage shop located in the UK but I have no idea of its history.
Thankyou Luvglitz, BWeaves, MSC, Pareltje, Jersey Pearl and Battah!

Battah - I love your ropes of creamy pearls together with the gold pinchbeck chain. So romantic!

Purr - your rope is TDF! It looks great on you.
It was a tin cup Monday ;)


And Tuesday

Tin Cup Tuesday

Changing a little for Wednesday

Tin cup wednesday

Thursday just a pendent ;)

Thursday pendant
Beautiful, Newberry! The Tahitian is my favorite ... except for the big drops with the fireball ... except for the little H pendant ... LOL, never mind ... all lovely :)