Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Cathy I'll be perfectly happy to be an expert in useless things LOL
BW you look super gorgeous!
I love your collection, BWeaves! Gorgeous.

Today - finally strung up my little collection of Tahitians. I'll probably rearrange them a million times, but here they are at the moment.
My Tahitians
Cathy, your bug is really contagious. I want to see it upright, MSC.
battah, your Tahitians are lustrous and colorful

Yum, MSC!

Thanks, Pareltje, for some reason I can't get a picture of them that picks up all of the colors. They have a lot of aubergine tones, too, but they don't show in that picture.
I hope you don't mind if I copy your style.... I need a second gssp though
Still hot here, over 90 degrees. It didn't deter me from wearing pearls, though. I'm wearing three strands of silver/blue baby Tahitians and a choker of blue/silver Tahitians. The weight was just right for so hot a day.

three strands of silver/blue baby Tahitians and a choker of blue/silver Tahitians
JP, I love your tin cup. I want to make one similar but unfortunately I do not have any loose Tahitians to work with. My list keeps getting longer and longer of pearls I want to buy for projects I want to create.
Right there with you, ladies, on the ever expanding projects list!
Jersey, I love your tin cup, the colors are so delicate! Thanks! The white is silver (just for now ;) ).
I see some of the aubergines, battah :)
Luv, YowZa!
Pareltje, go for it!!
Anyone have ideas for keeping chains from tangling while being worn?
You guys are so continuously creative that this thread will be fresh forever!
Seriously, you guys are scary.
You know who you are.:cool:
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MSC - love the double golds ! And no help on the tangling issue ...maybe the single pendants tend to roll and cross over more ?

Luvglitz - well wow ! All Glammed up in 90 degrees ... I'd be home huddling around the A/C ! Looking good !

JP - Tin.Cups - my FAV ! You always look gorgeous!

Battah- they look wonderful! What size are the bigs ones ?
Tahitian keshis and 8-9mm circle Tahitians

My latepost. This is what I wore on Monday. Tahitian keshis and 8-9mm circle Tahitians.
Those are gorgeous, Pareltje!

Kat - I wish that was the case; it happens anytime I wear more than one chain :(

ETA: Just found this "system" called strandalign, which is just a 2 or 3 strand tube clasp. I've got a 3 strand clasp around somewhere, so I'm going to give it a try today.
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Thanks MSC.
I'm dying to see your final result. I'm sure it is going to be great!