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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Cool! I've been curious to try it. But I don't have a kiln and I promised my husband I'd stop buying bulky craft stuff (then immediately bought a marudai... oops?).
I got a large Kiln for my ceramics and I was tickled to find I could also use it for PMC! My DH supports my art and craft hobby/job which can get very dangerous!
That's awesome! And yes, very dangerous ;)
hi everyone! i haven’t posted in a while and miss seeing everyones beautiful pearls! :)
i pulled out one of my favorite delicate antique akoya strands today.
Crickett - love your teeny pendant... very sweet!

Funky Pearl, your lovely akoya necklace looks exactly like my wedding necklace - they could be twins!
I love, love love this necklace!! When you first posted it I wondered what it would look like doubled - just as suspected, amazing!! And those earrings are pretty amazing, as well! Love Sarah's (re)work!!!!
Newberry. Stunning I love the necklace and the earrings. Sarah has amazing eyes.
I do truly love that necklace...and I don't think I saw the earrings before..they are gorgeous. I'm trying to sort out how they are constructed..usually when we see a cluster the each have a pin through them that wraps around a base of some sort but these don't seem to have that..how are they all attached. They look wonderful!
ckrickett, I love the combo of your petite necklace, the sweater and your blue hair.

Newberry, those are stunning.