Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Love a perfect drop for earrings. Please wear these to the ruckus in two weeks so I can see them in person. The luster and overtones look wonderful.
My daughter and I went out for lunch today, and I wore my GSS. I think she is being converted slowly to pearls, judging by her reaction to these. ;) I'd better budget for a GSS strand for her... college graduation, maybe.

Golden South Sea strand
Thanks ckrickett! I love wearing them. They are so comfortable.

I find oval/drop pearls more comfortable than round ones in general, especially for larger pearls. Maybe it's the fact that more of the pearl is in contact with the skin. Spreads the load, as it were.
Kay and Pearl Dreams, Love how you are rocking the GSSs! Kay, your new earrings are awesome :)
I am so glad that Kay has finally posted about her new earrings. I can say the pictures that I took do not do them justice. The luster is mirror like. Exquisite golden drops ;)
Today I wore the first Tahitian strands I bought with the matching earrings. These hold a very special place in my heart :)
Now if only I could get a new neck.
Tahitian strands with matching earrings
Thank you, ladies!
JearseyPearl, stats are as follows: 10-12.5mm, 18 inches and they were described as deep gold (although I don't think they are the darkest gold...maybe a little lighter.) There was no grade assigned.
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