Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you for the kind words MSC, JP and Newberry!

Sheri that is beautiful, perfect for the little babies!
Truck neck shot
LOVE those octo babies with the lariat!

Your gss and pipi pearl necklace looks so lovely on you - perfect!!
Sheri your octo/lariat is really really cute!

MSC I so love your golden with the pipi's.....divine ;)
Very pretty earrings!

Today was very simple - soufflé with a delicate gemstone necklace. I first attached the pearl to the necklace clasp - then I switched to an enhancer.

soufflé pearl with a delicate gemstone necklace
Is that the enhancer from Rio Grande? I've been wanting to buy it in yellow gold, but it's only available in white gold at the moment.
MSC - I love these earrings! Are they golden pipis

Lmgarden - A stunning soufflé! It looks great paired with the gemstones.
Everyone looks so lovely!
MSC, the new earrings are PRETTY! The GSS looks so inspired on the pipi chain ... fantastic :)
Sheri, for a year I've been undecided about octo sizes and shapes to adopt ... your new lariat is SO wonderful ... Perfect!!!
Sheri, what kind of pearls are the heads on your octo lariat? Thanks :)