Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Wore these SSPs to a good friend's wedding:

South sea pearl strand worn to friend's wedding

P.s. Argh, why is it sideways???
i love catching up on everyone's gorgeous pearls since my last visit :)
here's what i'm wearing out for father's day brunch with family.
Father's Day Brunch Pearls

Father's Day Brunch Pearls

Love seeing everyone's pearls today. I am wearing my mixed SS pearls out for brunch with my DH.

Mixed South Sea pearl strand for Father's Day Brunch
Kalmen, your rope is gorgeous! I love the lustrous tiny pearls.

Ckrickett, nice pairing of studs and pendant-- hope to see them in person soon!

Funky_pearl I always enjoy seeing those ripples. They're so pretty on you! What are the earrings-- keshi?

Luvglitz, wonderful mixed SS! Can you share details on them?

Icyjade, the wss... breathtaking:eek:
All beautiful.. what a nice way to start Monday morning.
Icy those wssp are just outstanding
Thank you Baby Nurse! Well, since I like my pearls Wilma size, the pearls are 12 - 15.8mm with a mixture of golden and white SS. . They have light blemishing but the luster is high. It is a versatile strand to wear. They are from
Thank you all for your lovely comments! The clouds have been getting a lot of wear. : )

Gorgeous pearls everyone!

Kalmen - That length is perfect on you, is it 36"? And I have to ask! Have you received your new strand from Jac yet?

Ckrickett - I love the double set of studs!

Icy - your SSP are just incredible.

Funky pearl - lovely pearls, the colours are gorgeous! Love the studs, are they Keshi?

Luvglitz - your SSP are enormous! What a statement piece.
Yes I have! Took me a while to get down to stringing. Beaders secret is a dream to use and very forgiving for beginners. My problem is I keep forgetting to leave the last 3 pearls unknotted!!!!
Redid it and this time tried the Silicon beads with knotting on 3 pearls on each end. Somehow my gimp and clasp on slightly tangled so again not a good job. But it'll do for pics for now. I'll redo again

The colours on the strand is beautiful. There are some blemishes but the luster and colours make it almost unnoticeable.


The way I remind myself to leave the last few pearls unknotted is I attach a spring clip to the thread to separate the final 4 pearls.
Beautiful, Kalmen 22!! So impressive what you accomplished... soon I hope to learn. Truly lovely strand, and looks beautiful on you!
Wearing Lilia's Treasures ripples. They are pale gold in colour. Versatile length. Lema was such a sweetheart to buy from. She even threw in tons of gifts for me. Best bit was our conversations. 1 mother to another mother of 2 young kids.View attachment 42828

Oh my gosh, I didn't see this earlier - I'm so glad you like them! They look gorgeous on you! I enjoyed our conversations as well, you're pretty rad :) That golden peach tone ended up being perfect on your skintone, don't you think?
Kalmen, that is one gorgeous strand, beautiful, lustrous colours!