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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Purranha, I think I need a drink and a cigarette (and I don't smoke). Those are amazing...you layer so well! And you are an inspiration. And I love that lace top with the pearls...tres chic.[/QUOTE]

Ooooh la la ! This made me laugh!! It is a fabulous look on you Purranha ... absolutely fabulous! Not everything layers well but you've done an excellent job with the shapes and textures on that outfit !!


New member
Oh, I love the juxtaposition of the last two styles! They are both stunning in unique ways and I wouldn't be able to choose which I love more!

baby nurse

New member
Ckrickett, your petite baroque Tahitian rope has unbelievable colors!

Madsciencechick, your Pipi necklace and ring are to die for!

I'm wearing my PP souffle ring and Edison strand.






Active member
Baby Nurse, ooooooooo, that Edison necklace is to die for.

I know you've posted photos comparing it to SS earrings, although earrings are often a better quality pearl, so I wasn't sure how to compare them. I was wondering if you could tell me in words how you think Edisons compare to SS pearls since I've never seen either in person. Do you think they are comparable? Are the SS worth the extra thousands for a similar strand?


New member
Okay BabyNurse ... the ring is gorgeous, and I really can't think of another adjective to describe how lovely that Edison strand looks on you, so I'm jumping right to the sweater ... that dreamy, delicious deep seafoam color ... and is that a VELVET ribbon under the button?!?!? Sigh ... :)


Super Moderator
Ooh, that ring is really dreamy, and the pearls just glow against your skin, BN. These photos and the lovely soft spring weather we've been experiencing in California this week prompt me to post a photo of my own - my own eponymous Screamers and a coordinating diminutive cephalopod. Reading about Jeremy's latest trip to Hong Kong made me nostalgic to feel these beauties against my skin...I had such fun sorting through piles of metallic pearls last September...


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