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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Great screamers photo!! And so aptly named.

I'm wearing my baroque akoyas and metallic white FW studs today, both 9.5-10mm.


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  • baroque akoya strand neck shot indoors.jpg
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baby nurse

New member
Baby Nurse, ooooooooo, that Edison necklace is to die for.

I know you've posted photos comparing it to SS earrings, although earrings are often a better quality pearl, so I wasn't sure how to compare them. I was wondering if you could tell me in words how you think Edisons compare to SS pearls since I've never seen either in person. Do you think they are comparable? Are the SS worth the extra thousands for a similar strand?

I think they are comparable but it depends on what you are looking for. I had a gorgeous strand of WSS but it was very white and because of that, it didn't suit me. This Edison strand has cream and pink in it which does suit me so it's a perfect fit:eek:

When I compare them in person to my Burmese WSS studs, they are very similar but the luster and overtones are sharper on the studs. If I could have a strand of those, I would. My recommendation would be to compare them in person. I expect the Edisons will only get better!

baby nurse

New member
Okay BabyNurse ... the ring is gorgeous, and I really can't think of another adjective to describe how lovely that Edison strand looks on you, so I'm jumping right to the sweater ... that dreamy, delicious deep seafoam color ... and is that a VELVET ribbon under the button?!?!? Sigh ... :)

Cathy, you crack me up!! Yes, that's velvet ribbon along the sweater button placket. I have a huge collection of cashmere cardigans, crew necks, v necks... I tend to freeze in winter :rolleyes:

baby nurse

New member
La corsetiere, your screamers and octo are beautiful together! Are the pearls in your screamer strand randomly strung as opposed to graduated?

PD, I'm absolutely drooling over your baroque akoya and metallic fwp studs!!


Super Moderator
The screamers are gently graduated, though it's hard to tell from the photo. Surprisingly, the color/orient of those pearls really shows up with flash photography. I find that curious, given the fact that Tahitian colors show up so much better in subdued natural light.


Active member
Thanks for the info on your Edisons, Baby Nurse. I'm really coveting those.

Today I dug out my first pearls I bought myself. That would be the akoya rope and choker. And my Aunt Love's princess length Blue Lagoons. And my ruby heart drops. I can't believe I bought these in 1982 and the nacre is still as good as the day I bought them, and I've worn them to death. They were my every day pearls until last year when I discovered PP and POJ and Kojima and Pacific Pearls and you enablers.

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Active member
I love your scattered tin cup. I'm usually not much of a tin cup fan, but that one has perfect asymmetry, if that makes any sense.


Thanks for all the gorgeous photos, it's an excellent inspiration source. Inspired by all the beautiful white strands posted recently, I wore my baroque white akoyas and my Tahitian white sapphire tin cup today.


New member
it's a Tahitian kinda day here. i took two charms off my pp bracelet and put them on my rose gold hoops. not sure if i like the look or not yet but it's something different for me! :)