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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
I LOVE not only the pictures of your Mom and her wonderful pearls -- but also that she was willing to be photographed in her pearl glory! Thank her for allowing you to share her pearl splendor with us. Terrific photos!!! Happy Chanukah.

Oh Them Gems

New member
I love the necklace length on your mother--elegant. I notice she's wearing the clasp in the same position as you habitually wear yours.


Active member
I love the necklace length on your mother--elegant. I notice she's wearing the clasp in the same position as you habitually wear yours.

She's my style icon and my fashion inspiration. So, yup, I tend to copy her. (We all turn into our mothers at some point, right?)

She always keeps up with what is in fashion. She never dresses too young, but she always looks much younger than she is because she dresses up to date and always has her hair done, her nails manicured, and her makeup and jewelry on. She feels naked without earrings.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
I'm wearing my color-shifting pink-peach-gold strand today. The colors come out to play better on overcast days, but these metallic pearls love the sun, too.

I love the feeling of oval pearls on my skin. I think it may be because more of the pearl's surface is in contact with the skin than when wearing round pearls.


  • color shifting strand in sunlight.jpg
    color shifting strand in sunlight.jpg
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  • colorshifting strand facing away from sun.jpg
    colorshifting strand facing away from sun.jpg
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Wow, those color shifting ovals are really pretty. I understand completely what you mean about having more pearl touching your skin. I think that's why I love to layer up the necklaces.

The colors in that second photo are amazing.
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I'm feeling blue today, in a good way.

My new 6-7 mm Vietnamese blue akoya rope with my 9 mm Vietnamese baroque blue akoya necklace and my Kojima blue grey drops.


I'm really amazed at how well the natural blue pearls photograph. They just glow. I compare them to my dyed blues, which look great in real life, but look terrible in photographs, which leads me to believe they don't look as good as I think they do.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
They're very reflective on a sunny day, such as Monday when I took the photos. I suspect a lot of that color was reflections of my shirt!

To show the overtone colors I'll have to try again on an overcast day. A few of the pearls look greener when the light is diffuse, some pinker, etc.


New member
Have been on a fairly long hiatus from wearing pearl necklaces but it's my last few days of work before taking a (maternity) break plus all those delicious Vietnamese blues that I've been seeing online made me in the mood to dig out some pearls to wear.

Before twisting triple strand into torsade:

Torsade of above triple with another light blue akoya strand:
2014 09 05 13.06.40

Tahitians with onyx links:
2014 09 05 13.06.52

No natural light shots cos its too warm to be in the sun (I'm a mini heat generator now!).