Show us your menagerie

I love insects! And I love pearl insects! Gorgeous creation Sheri! Sheri! Gorgeous creation as always!
The hippocampus is made with Dresden paper. It is truly a work of art. I saw it posted on Sheri's facebook page and had a cow when I saw it. I asked her to bring it to the 2012 ruckus just to drool over it never dreaming that it could me mine. I love this piece and am thrilled to have it in my collection.
That is really amazing...I was not familiar with Dresden paper, so I looked it up. I assume he must be rather delicate.
I'd never heard of it either .. I wondered how it was made ! Thanks for sharing that info. Fascinating piece.

That little bird is so cute! I've sat at the pearl offices with the pearl girls in Hong Kong as we poked around piles of baroques pulling out shapes .. it's quite fun. The office girls always have a good time trying to find rude ones lol Hmmm maybe there is a market out there for 'fertility pearl pendants' lol
That is really amazing...I was not familiar with Dresden paper, so I looked it up. I assume he must be rather delicate.

Unfortunatly he is delicate but so lovely to look at. I am very, very careful when I wear him.
Thanks to everyone for sharing their critters! I don't have any myself but this has been like walking through a designer showroom!
What a fun thread! Love all of the little creatures! Thanks for sharing!
Ringo has arrived, and he is wonderful...look at the detail on his body!! IMG_1958.jpg IMG_1962.jpgIMG_1967.jpg
JerseyPearl, Ringo , woohoo very nice. Welcome to the Octo club ;) Now we just need some Octo meetings :)
I foresee octo play dates...:rolleyes:

Haven't done any pearly bugs yet, but have definite plans, with pearls already picked out. Plump spiders, winged cicadas...this just reminds me that I have to get back to playing with wax!

In the meantime, not sure if I already posted elsewhere, but here are a couple more aquatic pearl creatures I made recently.


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And a couple more Dresden paper creatures featuring pearls, created a few years ago before I got back into working with metal...


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This is an actual crab that found itself lodged in the extrapallial space of a mussel.

I've always thought about having a pendant made linked together with gold eye pins.
these are amazing! keep 'em coming. i myself have a cortez mabe queen bee pendant, a christmas gift from my husband and son - i will have to photograph it VERY soon.

sheri - the elephant with butterfly wings? I DIE! and the lion! and all of them! put me on the list for a cicada (and man, i may have to inquire about those octobabies, i LOVE LOVE LOVE them!). (but i really really love the elephant)

the nacre-encrusted crab?! poor crab! poor mussel! awesome find, dave - you MUST do something with that, it is so very cool!
Dave, that is AMAZING ... that little crab must be connected !

Sheri, ALL wonderful creations, but that Elephant makes me swoon ... :)
My Cortez queen bee, lovebirds ring (from Rio Pearl) and octobaby (from Sheri):